Sunday, July 18, 2021

Detta's Witches

 Hello Everybody!

Hope everyone has been good.

I wanted to tell everyone that Detta's Dolls has
a new website.
She is no longer on ebay.
Here is her site address. Hope you will visit her.
She makes anything that you want.

You will see 4 dolls that I bought from Detta 
way back in 2015.
Abbi Attelbrain, Darwyng D'aisling, 
Suzetta Snippet and Ursula Upsy.
I had intentions of re-dressing 2 of these
dolls after I bought these and so I did.

Suzetta Snippet is my design. She is a Steampunk
Witch that teaches dressmaking.
Abbi Attelbrain was also my design. She was
collecting apples.
Ursula Upsy was a doll that Detta had on her
website and I just loved her.
I loved how she was dressed and everything about
her - including her blue hair!
My daughter Pepper named her Darwyng D'aisling.
And Pepper told Detta what she wanted and 
Detta patiently made her even the Dream 
Darwyng was a dream giver witch and the dream
that she caught was someone getting married, that
is why she is holding a black veil.

I do hope that you go see the other witches that other people 
have sent into her website.
Those are very nice!! 

Here are a few of the clay witches lately that I have gotten from
I never care what an ugly witch looks like cause I
want to re-dress them to have some fun!
All of these I will re-dress but am not sure who I want them to
be yet.
I love the ugly witches and I generally always tell Detta to make
them really ugly, warts and all!!!! 
When I re-make these witches I will post what they look like.
Oooo, this witch has a sweet face.
Not sure who she will be.
And look at those red shoes!!!
They are bright and I love the color of them.

Here she is sideways. 
She looks frumpy.

I absolutely love her face!!
I love that big wrinkle. 

This little sweetie looks a little
I wonder what happened??

This witch is 'glow in the dark'!!
She looks a little humorous to me.
What do you think?
I like the fabric. I hope to be able
to re-use these.
And I love the hat that looks like
it is weathered.
I don't know about you - but
I like these different color hairs!!!

I will be changing this witch also,
but still have no idea yet.
Her white hair looks great on
her. Like that.

Hope you had some fun looking
at these witches.
Each one of them have their very
own character. 
I will have to show you some other
witches that I have.

Hope you enjoyed this posting.
Thank you for visiting me!


  1. These witches are fantastic and so funny in appearance.

    1. I love changing them when I get the time. Haven't had the time lately. They are fantastic!
      Mini huggs,

  2. I love each of their unique personalities and character! I think you need to make a market stall store called Which Witch and each of them can have a specialty!

  3. Goodness Jodi - that is a great idea. Detta's witches are really unique. I have some displays that I have been working on for a while now. I intend on posting them for Halloween.
    Mini huggs,