Saturday, May 8, 2021


 Hello Everybody.
Hope you all are safe and taking precautions.
Thank you to everyone who posted on my last posting!
I appreciate it so much.

Sorry - it has taken me so long to post again, but
I literally had to scour my computer and my brain to
find something to post.
I have plenty of things to show you that I have made
(even from 2 years ago) that I never got around to
But am doing so now.

After the death of my daughter I knew I had to keep
my hands and my head busy. 
The following year around August 2018, 
 I joined a doll group.
I joined Dana Burton of (Miniatureart).
Then, I made
my 1st doll named Rhonda (toward the end of the year). 

Candy was the 2nd doll that I made
as well as entering her in a contest with a roombox.
I did enjoy making it all and now I am hooked!!
I am still doing the dolls today.
And to date - I have only made 6 or 7 of them.
I have also found that I still need to keep myself

I have learned to assemble a doll, dress and wig her. 
My roombox still is not the greatest but at least I am

There will be multiple postings involving Candy such as
her roombox, her closet, her accessories and of course
Candy herself. 

A little bit about Candy.
I did not win the contest but I did have fun and there
were some lovely settings along with some lovely 
The setting was supposed to be 1940s to the 50s era.
Mine was about 1950, but with a little twist.

This is Candy - not my doll but the doll that
Dana Burton made and sold doll kits to everyone
that bought them.
And I was one of those customers!
Because this was my 2nd doll to be made - I surely
did not think that I could do this doll justice.
So, I made my Candy - DIFFERENT
than the one pictured here.

Everyone made a roombox, and also this closet
that you see below.
This was literally the first thing that I had 
ever built so my closet didn't come
out perfect either. 
Neither does my closet look like this one
cause I changed it. 
Am pretty sure that you can still buy the parts
and pieces to make this closet from
There are also other items for sale that go with
Hope you will take a look and see. 

My roombox was a football display case
that I painted black on the outside.

On my next posting I will show you
my Candy.

Thank you for visiting me!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Miniatures and COVID

 Hello Everybody.

Hope this email finds you all well.

I have had a very rough beginning for this year of 2021. 

Caught Covid and had a lot of bad days. 

Am sure Covid was/is trying to kill me I guess. 

Like many others I lost my sense of smell and taste but 

with me everything tasted like metal including the water.

 Found that the only water I could drink was regular

cold water from the refrigerator. 

Lost my appetite and lost 29 pds (not by choice).

Losing the weight was the only benefit from it.

Got thru that, however the side effects still have been

playing havoc with me, giving me high blood pressure

and blurriness in my eyes. Thus preventing me from

doing alot. Have had many, many doctor appointments

and follow-up appointments

every month checking my heart and everything else. 

I got my first Moderna shot last month and it made me feel bad, it

put me back down in the bed - took 4 days to get

over that shot. Mostly it was fatigue and chills.

My hair has always been thick and now it has been

thinning at an alarming rate and coming out in handfuls 

every day. This is scary!! 

In 2 days I get the 2nd shot and hope that I can scout

thru this one easily with no side effects. 

It is only now that I feel better enough to start back

blogging. Hopefully, I am looking forward to getting back 

to normal and working/playing with my miniatures again. 

But, Covid has made me very slow at making anything.

I do have a lot of things to show you that I was doing before 


My little white Christmas room box is not decorated because the items

to go in there did not fit, so I have had to re-think its contents. 

Meanwhile I would love to show you what the talented Isabel


made and sent to me. 

I love sewing items! In early January I commented on her blog

how I loved her little cross-stitched kits. They were adorable!!!

Look at what this lovely lady sent to me! 




Isabel surely did brighten my day when I received

a package from her.

I LOVE, Love these little sewing kits!

She even has my picture of me and my dog Curry

on them!!! 

This is so dear to my heart!!

I have been showing these to everyone that I know!!

OHMY!! I just adore the little crocheted dog!!!
Look how tiny she is!!
Everyone I have show her to - loves her!!

Say hello to Roz.

Thank you so much Isabel!!!

I love all of it!!!

My sister sent me a lovely bouquet made of

card when I had Covid. 

These are so cute!!!

They are from LOVEPOP!

Thank you Lori!!!

Thank you all for visiting me.
Please stay safe


Saturday, November 21, 2020

My Santa Christmas Room

 My Christmas Santa Room

Hello Everyone!

Sorry that I have not posted. I have been Super Busy!
I stopped on most of things that I was working on so 
I could work on this project from the 
Miniature Group that I belong to.
Every time I try to get ahead - I get slower!

Thought I would try starting early and 
hopefully I can finish this by Christmas
and post it when finished.

My Santa Christmas Room will be going into 
a large football plastic case. 
This fits it perfectly. 
It is made  from Gator Board and glued together.
I cut strips and glued to the outside
aligning them up with the window. 
Am not sure what I will put there in that
little corner.

This is the inside. 
Am hoping that I can do the little space
If you have any ideas - I would love some.

Thank you for visiting me.


Thursday, October 15, 2020

HALLOWEEN SKELETON with a broken wrist

 Hello Everybody!

Sorry that I have been absent - been so busy!!!

Been sick as well.

Hope everyone else has been well and keeping safe.

Wanted to show you a little setting that was given to me.

Cute, cute, cute!

I have plans on fixing her wrist and perhaps

putting her in another setting.

Thank you Lesley.

I want to thank those that visit me and others that

lurk here and there in the dark.


Saturday, September 12, 2020


 Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile, have been so busy. 
Sorry about that. 
Hope all have been well. 

Gee, I didn't expect the change in the
design in the posting feature.
I guess it is better, hope I can get used to it.

I told Detta  of 'Detta's Darling Dolls' ,
that I wanted a witch coming out
of a mirror.
BTW - Detta is on ebay. 
All you need do is type in clay witches, or witches and most
of the time her store comes up. 
Or you can do a search on her, somehow
her site will pop up!
They are very reasonably priced and she
will try to make a doll to your liking.

Meet Agnetta!
She is a very secretive witch.
Although you will only see a small part
of her secret room, know that her house is 
much bigger than this.
However her house and secret room are
all hidden away from people. 
Her room is hidden away in a berm of a
hillside, no one knows she exists there.

You must watch out for Agnetta cause she has
a hidden agenda - SHE STEALS!!!
That's right - she goes around the countryside
and anything she sees worth saving or having,
then she takes it when you are not looking!!
She takes it back to her secret room and then
hides it away from everyone. 

Hope you like Agnetta and her secret room!
RARE PHOTO of Agnetta on the prowl again. 
OH NO!! Has Agnetta's secret room
been found!!!
I hope not.

Someone is trying to find the thief
that steals from everyone.
OOOoo get a good look at her face people.

Agnetta leaving the safety of her 
hidden room.

A side and back view of the moss covered
You cannot tell that there is a secret window
here covered with moss.
I can get inside to move things around
if I want to.

Another view of the moss glued to the box.
Had to leave a space for the lid to go
back on.

Remember the hole in the roof that
I cut out.
A Halloween LED tealight fits inside.
Did not glue in the light and it fits
Hid it with moss.

Towards the front of the box.

We must hurry before Agnetta comes
She will not like it that we discovered
her hidden room.

Lets get an over-all view of the things
that she has stolen.
She stole everything including the light!!
She stole the desk area and bookshelves.
Of course I do not know how she got
the desk  or the bookshelves 
on her broom!!!
But, witches can be resourceful. 
Can't they?

There is some art work on the top shelf
that was painted by a famous artist.
3 large empty colorful bottles 
stolen from a famous wizard.
We have all heard of his name.
The word has it - that they were
stolen from Merlin before he died!!
Oh my - that is horrible!!

The small box with the haunted house
on it was stolen also. 
Inside there is a crystal ball hidden 
Ancient scrolls on the shelf beneath.

A skeleton box with its skeleton key.
I wonder what that belongs to.
A box of skeleton bones beneath the desk.
The window is to the right.
It is that large black space you see on the right
side of the wall.  

She stole the clock from a time traveler!!!
She stole the sign warning everyone that it is too 
late - you have been seen. 
Numerous books she has stolen.
I made all of the books that are displayed in the room.

OOoo she even hit the fairies!!!
She stole their secret potions. 
They are so heavy as well are the books that
they broke the shelf.
I hope the shelf does not fall down from the
Empty shelves show there is plenty of room
left to store more things she steals.

I tried roughing up the floor so it looks a little worn.

Some more books that Agnetta stole
that were previously twice stolen
before she stole them!
She stole that 'spell' page too!
And a hat!!!

Yes, as you see here -  she stole 
Harry Potters Sorting Hat!!!!
Oh my is there anything that Agnetta
will not steal? I guess not. 
Btw - Detta made me the sorting hat 
from nice leather.
Amazing what she can do! 

Here is the light on. 
So cool to have lights!!

Oh my!!! Agnetta is getting ready to go
out again.
It is a good day to go out.
See the skies above her head.
The sorting hat is telling her not to
'Don't do it' he says!!!
Will she listen? I doubt it!

Hehehehe I love Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed Agnetta and her
secret room!
Thank you visiting me.
Come back soon!