Sunday, July 18, 2021

Detta's Witches

 Hello Everybody!

Hope everyone has been good.

I wanted to tell everyone that Detta's Dolls has
a new website.
She is no longer on ebay.
Here is her site address. Hope you will visit her.
She makes anything that you want.

You will see 4 dolls that I bought from Detta 
way back in 2015.
Abbi Attelbrain, Darwyng D'aisling, 
Suzetta Snippet and Ursula Upsy.
I had intentions of re-dressing 2 of these
dolls after I bought these and so I did.

Suzetta Snippet is my design. She is a Steampunk
Witch that teaches dressmaking.
Abbi Attelbrain was also my design. She was
collecting apples.
Ursula Upsy was a doll that Detta had on her
website and I just loved her.
I loved how she was dressed and everything about
her - including her blue hair!
My daughter Pepper named her Darwyng D'aisling.
And Pepper told Detta what she wanted and 
Detta patiently made her even the Dream 
Darwyng was a dream giver witch and the dream
that she caught was someone getting married, that
is why she is holding a black veil.

I do hope that you go see the other witches that other people 
have sent into her website.
Those are very nice!! 

Here are a few of the clay witches lately that I have gotten from
I never care what an ugly witch looks like cause I
want to re-dress them to have some fun!
All of these I will re-dress but am not sure who I want them to
be yet.
I love the ugly witches and I generally always tell Detta to make
them really ugly, warts and all!!!! 
When I re-make these witches I will post what they look like.
Oooo, this witch has a sweet face.
Not sure who she will be.
And look at those red shoes!!!
They are bright and I love the color of them.

Here she is sideways. 
She looks frumpy.

I absolutely love her face!!
I love that big wrinkle. 

This little sweetie looks a little
I wonder what happened??

This witch is 'glow in the dark'!!
She looks a little humorous to me.
What do you think?
I like the fabric. I hope to be able
to re-use these.
And I love the hat that looks like
it is weathered.
I don't know about you - but
I like these different color hairs!!!

I will be changing this witch also,
but still have no idea yet.
Her white hair looks great on
her. Like that.

Hope you had some fun looking
at these witches.
Each one of them have their very
own character. 
I will have to show you some other
witches that I have.

Hope you enjoyed this posting.
Thank you for visiting me!

Saturday, July 3, 2021


 Hello Everybody!

I bet you are wondering what is up here
with this posting!!
I just could not help myself!

Well, we have had many storms this
past week and I took some pics.
These pics reminded me of the movie!

Here we are heading to the gas station. 
See the raindrops
- on the right side and middle-way of
our windshield.
I am on the passenger side taking this photo.
See that HUMONGOUS cloud!!!
Am not sure what those things are in the
sky to the left and right side of the green
lightbulbs are??
I don't think they are raindrops??
Could they be UFO's?
Even the raindrops look like small alien ships
above the red roof.

Here is that same cloud
Something is in there!!
Could that be their ship that is emerging
from the cloud!!!

The cloud is so wide.

What do you think?

Here is that same cloud going over head.
Where do you think it is heading?
Is there an alien ship behind that cloud?!!

Have a Happy Independence Day (4th)!!!
Be safe with the fireworks.
Thank you for visiting me. 

Sunday, May 30, 2021


Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well!
Hope you have a great 
Memorial Day tomorrow!!

Many times, I meant to post before now, but 
some things kept coming up preventing 
I am finally getting around to it now.

I do not know about many of you out there,
but I grew up in a small house with small
closets - 2 girls to a room.
Yep, am from a large family!
The rooms were small - never had a lot
of clothes to clutter up a room
In fact the entire house didn't have any
clutter at all.
So, I would never have had a closet like
this - nothing close to it.
But it is nice to dream!!!

This is my closet that I put together
for the contest. 
Well - a section of it anyway. 
And here I show it in its raw state.
I guess I forgot to take a pic of the other half!!
Where I was hanging clothes I put some
thick card there for the rods to go, to try to
give more of a shabby look to it.  
Like the closet at some point in its life it needed fixing.
I put some extra shelves in this closet also that
was cut out from the same thick card.
You should be able to see them.
A vanity was suppose to go in the space
to the left but I didn't want one of those.
I wanted more shelving.
Needing to display as much
as I could.
It was a must to give some homeless things
a home!!

Here is the room-box with the closet.
Hope you can see it okay. 
Was feeling out - where to put things.
I printed out a shabby chic picture
for the flooring.
Back then, they probably didn't have shabby chic, but
all of that wood can be depressing.
So, I think the shabbiness of it does not
make my room the 50's.

Okay, I painted the outside black and the inside
white on this room box.
The closet was painted green so you can see it.
It catches your eyes more so than Candy.
There is a lot of color in there. 
Also I hope I don't have too much repetition with
the pics - but just trying to let you see
everything from different angles. 
A lot to see.

Glass is off.
Candy with her dog Co-Co. 
She is telling him sweetly that she cannot
pick him up just yet.
He could ruin her gown. 

Right side of the closet.
A mess on her ottoman.
Her ottoman is where she sits to put
on her shoes.
Good thing they are already on her feet!!

Left side of closet.
Closet has 3 hanging rods.

You can see the ottoman better
from this angle. 
Her black purse and matching little wrap
to put on her arms in case she gets a little
The purse came from ebay back in 2016.
Things were so much more cheaper then.
The pink wrap sits on top of a little gown
that I made back in 2016 I think?? 
It has a matching little coat to go with it
hanging just a little to the left of it.

I made this nightgown set and never had a place
for it until now.
Back then I didn't know how to embellish
little clothes, but I think now I could
do a better job.
But this is done - so will not change it.

Here are some shoes that I bought from
ebay also.
They were very cheap and poorly done.
Bought many years back.
I had to remove the coatrack so you see
Also - see the legs that I put on my closet.

I made everything in the room-box except for about
7 items. 
I made the shoe boxes, lingerie, little hanging 
coats, the dresses and nightgowns along with the
shirts folded up.
Also made the pocketbooks from 'Petite Sacs' tutorial
that I found online

I forgot if I put anything in the shoe boxes or the
other boxes. 

I love the shoes with the matching purse.
Again bought from ebay many years ago also.
Love the fans on this shelf.
I need some memorabilia behind them.

There are the Petite Sacs. 
Also 2 glove boxes with gloves in them. 

Better pic of the coats and the folded shirts. 
The pants below are actually Barbie pants that
I cut down and put on white hangers. 
Better view of the coats.

Better view of the petite sacs.

Better view of the glove boxes and bra.

Better view of the perfume bottles.

Bra and panties in the first drawer.

Some more underwear in the 2nd drawer.

Bought the hat and the hose packages. 

I added this fabric to the top of the closet because
underneath that I added a piece of matboard for
added strength. 
Then painted all of it green.

This shows the side view.

I made the red poodle skirt. 
Forgot to hem it.
I had ran out of time and had to quickly
make it.
It is not a good piece but I love it hanging

I love this coat!!
Another item that was bought from ebay
perhaps back in 2012.
Don't know who made it but it extremely
light even though it looks heavy.
Would love a couple more of these coats.

 Thank you for stopping by and
taking the time to visit me.

Sunday, May 16, 2021


 Hello Everybody. 

Hope you are all well and doing great.

My Candy was completed 29 January 2019.

OHMY! what pretty legs she has! 
Hope you like her shoes.
Since I made my Candy's dress with a 
slip and a string to hold up her dress, I
wanted her shoes to be special.
My own design with the shoes.
Hoping they look a little vintage.

This is her slip.

My Candy is finally ready to go out
to the Prom and dance the night 

The back of Candy.
I should comb her hair out some.
I forgot to do so when I made her.

Thank you for visiting me!

Saturday, May 8, 2021


 Hello Everybody.
Hope you all are safe and taking precautions.
Thank you to everyone who posted on my last posting!
I appreciate it so much.

Sorry - it has taken me so long to post again, but
I literally had to scour my computer and my brain to
find something to post.
I have plenty of things to show you that I have made
(even from 2 years ago) that I never got around to
But am doing so now.

After the death of my daughter I knew I had to keep
my hands and my head busy. 
The following year around August 2018, 
 I joined a doll group.
I joined Dana Burton of (Miniatureart).
Then, I made
my 1st doll named Rhonda (toward the end of the year). 

Candy was the 2nd doll that I made
as well as entering her in a contest with a roombox.
I did enjoy making it all and now I am hooked!!
I am still doing the dolls today.
And to date - I have only made 6 or 7 of them.
I have also found that I still need to keep myself

I have learned to assemble a doll, dress and wig her. 
My roombox still is not the greatest but at least I am

There will be multiple postings involving Candy such as
her roombox, her closet, her accessories and of course
Candy herself. 

A little bit about Candy.
I did not win the contest but I did have fun and there
were some lovely settings along with some lovely 
The setting was supposed to be 1940s to the 50s era.
Mine was about 1950, but with a little twist.

This is Candy - not my doll but the doll that
Dana Burton made and sold doll kits to everyone
that bought them.
And I was one of those customers!
Because this was my 2nd doll to be made - I surely
did not think that I could do this doll justice.
So, I made my Candy - DIFFERENT
than the one pictured here.

Everyone made a roombox, and also this closet
that you see below.
This was literally the first thing that I had 
ever built so my closet didn't come
out perfect either. 
Neither does my closet look like this one
cause I changed it. 
Am pretty sure that you can still buy the parts
and pieces to make this closet from
There are also other items for sale that go with
Hope you will take a look and see. 

My roombox was a football display case
that I painted black on the outside.

On my next posting I will show you
my Candy.

Thank you for visiting me!