Friday, October 15, 2021


 Hello Everyone!

Sorry, I have been out of it for awhile.
Been anemic and still am.
But am trying to get some of this out.
Been a bad year for me, I hope next
year it is better.

Hope all of you have been well.

Okay, I am going to bombard you with lots of pic,
hope you like them. 

Rhonda and this room-box was the 1st that 
I had ever done with a doll in tow.
Outside pics come first. 
This old lantern was originally white but I dirtied
it up with some black paint here and there.
Some of the wood had dried out on this lantern
and it just adds to the texture. 
Windows on this lantern go clear up to the
top. It is 2 floors high.

A peek inside.

There is some hanging vines all over
the outside of the lantern.
It looks kind of scarce.
Wish I had bought more of it and
thickened it up a lot to look a little
I need to add some paint to the vines also.
Haven't done that yet.
All of these vines were added later cause
I had only 2 weeks to complete Rhonda 
and the lantern for the room-box.
Yep, you heard right - 2 weeks.
But I got it done.

Here is a better view of the vines.
I need lots more of them.
Perhaps I will mingle different kinds
in with what I have there already.

The brass roof had these slits.
So I started putting the vines thru them
and also at the top.

Here is my Rhonda.
She needs to make some more potions.

The back of Rhonda's head shows the
steampunk hair comb that I made to
go in her hair.
Yep - that's me!

It was easy to make.

Here is the man podium that Detta
made me. She will make these podiums
anyway that you want.
I love her podiums!
I had her put a white mouse cause
I wanted him seen.
Also she put on a butterfly for me.
She did a great job!
Thank you Detta!

I cannot remember who made me
the steampunk broom.
The lady was selling them so
cheaply and they were gorgeous.
I could not help myself and I bought
3 more of them.
All different of course.

This is a piece that I bought
along time back, cannot 
remember where but I think
at a grocery store when they
put out Holliday items.
I never knew what I would
do with it, but I think that
it is perfect for the cauldron.
No room for a fireplace.

Here is the eyeball stew that Rhonda was
The cauldron is large.
I believe that Detta made this also for me.
Google 'Detta's Darling Dolls' or
look back a couple of my postings and you should
see her new website.

I like how the cauldron glitters.
Maybe later I will see about making it 
look like a fire is underneath.

The wooden floor.

This section is above the man podium.
A cobweb is there but I have not yet
found the perfect spider to go there.

This side is filled up with more things.
I didn't want to crowd in a lot, cause
I don't know what else I want to
put on the shelves.

Top are some books and a candle skull.

Here is an owl that has flown in and he
has decided to make a home there since
he has good access of going in and out
when he pleases.
Yep, I definitely need more vines.

On the remaining pics, there is a touch
of the light in them.
Hope they do not hurt your eyes.
I like the herbs - I bought them from
Mari Smith-Welch. She sells the flowers
that go Dana's dolls gowns.

The back of Rhonda.
It is a very cloudy day out there.

Eyeball Stew looks yummy.
But it is not to eat - its a potion!
But don't tell anyone.

It is dark outside and Rhonda is 
still hard at work.
No one can see in, so no worries.

Thank you for visiting me!
Hope you enjoyed my Rhonda.


  1. Wow two weeks?!? Great job! The lantern is the perfect structure to house the scene, and I imagine it hidden deep in a swamp someplace in Louisiana. I love all the details and pieces from various artisans, and Rhonda looks stunning! I like the idea of adding more and different vines, too, and letting it evolve as you get the next bit of inspiration. So sorry 2021 has been so rough - hopefully that's all behind you now!

  2. The lantern is perfect for this scene with Rhonda. The details are fantastic.