Wednesday, August 19, 2009


'My Wood Heads' is what I call
these dolls that I made.
I was inspired by Joan McElroy's
book called,
'Dolls' House Furniture Book'.
And a few other books!
Joan's dolls used beads for heads.
She whittled and carved dowels to make
her nice dolls.
I did not do that.
Anyway, I found these the other day
hidden away in a box.
Thought I would show you my efforts
way back in the day.
When I made these wood heads, I
was looking for something fast and
easy to make.
I did use the wood beads for heads,
cause those were at the craft store, or
either I found them at a thrift store.
I wish I could remember.
On these wood beads their eyes were
black dots, slits for eyebrows
with small red dots for their mouths.
Kind of cute.
I never did get to name these dolls, cause
I never used them.
After I made them, I found the little kits
at Hobby Lobby and bought them.
I really do like my dolls all sizes.
The doll dressed in blue is fat.
Her hair was red.
She has a little crochet doily for a hat.
The flowered dress doll is really skinny.
With brown hair in a type of twist.
Both of them stand up without the use of
any stands.
I think their stiff cotton skirts held them up
and also because they were so light.
Frankly, I am surprised that the dresses
are not yellowed.
Body underneath the blue dressed lady.
Love her fat little body.
Back of the 2 female dolls.
The glue shows on the outside of the doily.
Hmm - age has done that.
Skinny body beneath the flowered dressed lady.
This little lady did not fair very well.
Her shirt and dress looks good still.
But her hair - something happened to it!!
For some odd reason her hair
collapsed and melted onto her face.
Her hair style is unrecognizable!

I did not even finish him.
His shirt has yellowed and not as
bright as it was originally.
He is fat too and is pants were
not made very well.


His beaded head.
I am shocked that the beads
are still on his head!!

Here are 4 wood head dolls that I never
Their legs and arms are pipe cleaners.
They are wrapped in panty hose that I cut
into thin strips.
I sewed up each little body and stuffed with
All their bodies were made this way.

These dolls did not get any further than the
pipe cleaners.

Thank you for stopping in!