Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Hello Everybody!
Hope all is well.
Just an update on Lucille's kitchen.
I took the wall from the last posting and
decided to wallpaper it with the pink
scrapbook paper.
I believe that this looks better.

The little pot on the stove looks like the steam
is rising above it onto the wallpaper.
I surely did not plan this - but I think it is

I butted that wall right up to the windows
Not sure at this point if I will put up curtains.
I also changed the rectangle table to a round
table that I made.

I made a large table!!!
It is about 4 inches in diameter.
No room for chairs to go around it, so I
know that I will change this.
Also changed out the cookware in the
china cabinet to nice china.

I like the table a lot, but it must go somewhere
Front door is open, so come on in!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!