Tuesday, May 21, 2019

'Toyland ToyShoppe' by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well and enjoying
their Spring - the hot Summer will be 
here before we know it.

Am so glad that you all enjoy seeing the work of
Lesley Jacoby just as much as I do.
I will be showing a lot of her work especially
since we are painting the walls in our house
and I can hardly get to my apartment 
building. But do not worry, I am still playing
with it whenever I can. 
I have to make a few walls so I need to buy
some gatorboard.

Anyway I hope you enjoy looking at
Lesley's Toyland Toyshoppe!!
She has a lovely way with dolls!

This is the back of the room box. 
The lady that made the box hand painted these
scenes on the outside.
This lady is so super talented!!

Here is one of the sides. 
Come on and take a peek!

Here is the other side!

Here is the lovely room box!
Don't worry - I am hoping that I was able
to get you some lovely close-ups.
So many pics here but I do want you
to try and see everything as some things
could be hidden behind other things!

Thank you for stopping by!