Saturday, October 10, 2009

DOLLHOUSE - that My Dear Hubby Built Me

These pics show one of the
little houses that my dear hubby
built for me back in
1994, I think.
What you see are pictures from
back then that I had taken.
I had to take new pics of the old pics!
What you will be viewing is the
3 story dollhouse on the left.
The gun cabinet is to the right of it.
Each of the cabinet doors has 5x7 picture
frames with glass inserts for
They were big windows for viewing
But they did not overpower the rooms.
I still have the furniture that went into
this dollhouse.
I will post them when I find the box.
Keep in mind that you are looking at
a photographs taken back in 1994.
I have purposely left them really big
so you can see the rooms better.
So sorry if some of the pics are blurry.
Back then I had a crappy camera!
This is a picture of the inside of the
dollhouse cabinet.
The gun cabinet dollhouse is on
the right.
The dollhouse was 3 stories + an attic.
Another pic.
The first floor was supposed to be a little
antique store, but I did not have enough things
to display as an antique store.
A nice table sets in the middle of the room.
A picture sits to one side of it.
To the left are some large miniature picture frames
that lean up against a black stove. I made the stove.
Another little black stove sets to the left of the curtains.
A little corner oak cabinet sets in front of the stairs.
On top sets a cardboard bread cabinet that I made.
I wrote the words 'Bread' on it.
A picture of a lady hangs on the wall.
The wall is chipboard that features the stairs.
The stairs were regular stairs.
Since the height of each room was high, the stairs
did not fit the ceiling. So I leaned them back to give
the illusion that they ended.
The stair rungs were painted to look like oak and to
also look a little worn.
The red curtains hide a doorway that is supposed
to be a 'pretend' entry or another room.
Curtains hang on a small dowel. A piece of twisty
yarn is supposed to decorate the curtain top.
A piece of upholstery fabric is the rug.
Large picture frames.
I found the pattern for the black stove in
a library book back then.
It was made from a 'Spam' can.
I still have it but must find it.
 This is the right side of the antiques room.
The marble fireplace was a large picture frame that I cut
in half.

I put white foam core behind it and white foam core

for the base of it.

I made the picture that hangs above it.

There are pictures that lean against the fireplace.
A cash register sits on a piece of a gold
glittery filigree that came off of a
tissue box. A little blue round top
sits on top to hold the cash register.
A large hat sits on the coat tree.  
I do not remember what is behind the cash register that
is tall or the green thing.
My memory escapes this.
The floor is a wood look cloth.
The wallpaper is cloth.

 The stairs are a little short of the living area
floor, but you do not see it.
Pink Lady and Boy Blue are the pics on the wall.
I cut the pics out of a magazine and they
just fit the small miniature frame.
In the corner is a small cake pillar that I painted
gold and put a small wooden bird cage on top.
Also from Hobby Lobby.
The fireplace came from Hobby Lobby and so did
the candlestick, little plate and the picture on the
The carpet was a reddish piece of thin felt that I
cut to fit the room.
The book on the floor hides a glue stain.
Also from Hobby Lobby came the sofa set.
The coffee table was an old piece with a tea set
on top. Forgot what the other object is.
A little tapestry rug sits under the coffee table.
A desk with chair leans against the long sofa
and has a calendar on top. A plant and an
empty picture frame also sit on top.
A chair sits in front of the desk.
A brief case sits beside the desk leg.
The grandfather clock is on the wall that hides
the staircase.
An Asian folding screen hides the kitchen when
you don't want to see the mess behind it.
A table and chairs with a baby sitting in a high
chair set in front of it.
Items on the table also came from Hobby Lobby
as did all of the furniture in the room.
A nice open cabinet with items on top.
A red barnyard apron hangs from the
other side of the cabinet.
A cow picture hangs above the cabinet.
The walls in the kitchen are black and white
tiles (plastic) from Hobby Lobby.
There is a sink, stove area behind the screen.
A white foam core cabinet hangs on the wall.
And a large toaster oven which is a magnet
sets on top of a stove hood.
Light is only for show. Does not work.
Was hoping you could see the small kitchen.
Sorry. It was a cute kitchen.
 I do not remember what this room was going to be.
I don't think that I could make up my mind
back then.
The back wall and the wall next to the bed
were cut from thick cardboard.
I wallpapered each one with cloth, then
glued them in.
I tried to make it look like a hall was behind
the tall white cake pillar and the
small gold cake pillar.
A doily sits on the floor.
For the walls, I painted them white, then applied
a thin plaster on top.
I tried adding a little watered down tan paint
to give the illusion of dirt.
But the illusion did not work.
It looks a little yellow. But it did turn out nice.
Another pretend wall is behind the bed.
It is narrow, not big enough for a doll to come
up the stairs.
No stairs is there.
The little table also came from Hobby Lobby.
A mirror hangs above with a gold paper frame.
The fireplace is the other half of the marble
picture frame.
There is foam core board for the back of the
fireplace and for the bottom.
I covered them in a pink plastic tile that was sold
by Hobby Lobby.
I do not remember what is leaning up against
the inside of the fireplace.
Fireplace tools and the bottom part of a plastic
white lipstick container sit on each side of the
Forgot what the lipstick container was used for.
My guess is that it was supposed to hold
A picture and candlesticks on either side sit on
top of the fireplace.
The floor is a piece of cloth. Forgot what kind or
A Gucci bag sits in the corner near the fireplace
I made the little sofa and the bed with its canopy
from a metal gold colored tissue box.
I still have this stuff in a box.
I believe that I kept the canopy fabric. It was nylon.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my pics!
Thanks for stopping by!