Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Apartment Penthouse #4 - With the round bed I made!

Hello Everybody!!
Hope all is well.

(my headers are always the same).
I try to keep it simple.

Well, no stopping now - just as well
try another plan!!
I removed the bathroom to make the
play area larger.
Thought I would try the round bed
that I made a few years ago.
Added a vanity beside it.

The mirror is just propped up there 
for the time being.

I thought I would keep this spacious looking.
Perhaps not keep it so crowded.
Not sure how I feel about it.
And as you have noticed - Lucille plopped
herself back down on the vanity stool.
She is trying to claim this apartment but it
is not happening!!

I tried this closet, perhaps it is too shabby.
The paint is peeling off of it.

I kind of like the peeling paint.
I don't think this closet belongs here.
Must go in a shabby room!

As you can see I moved the bathroom back
in its original spot. 
The kitchen is on the other side of the bathroom
I can tell you right now - I do not like this 
arrangement at all!!!

Okay - I think that I found a new idea!!!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!