Friday, May 14, 2010

Apartment Elizabeth - Wallpapered and floored

I always find it difficult to start a
new apartment.
So many things to consider about
what colors to use and what you
want the apartment to actually
look like.
Honestly, I probably do not have
any idea!
So many choices out there to use for
wallpaper and floors.
I decided to make Elizabeth's apartment
a little lively!
When I went to the craft store
and looked thru the scrapbook paper,
I fell in love with a lot of
the wallpapers.
It was difficult picking out what
to buy. I ended up leaving with
lots of scrapbook papers!
I purposely left out the windows, so that
as the room fills up, I can still get my
hand in there.
A couple of windows will be the last thing I glue in.
After the wallpapers were glued in, I
glued in my cloth floors.
The cloth floors give a warm homey feeling
to the apartment.

Here is the apartment.
I did wind up putting the
entrance door to the left of the window.
I threw caution to the wind with this apartment.
The left side of the door is wallpapered with words.
I do not know what kind of theme is going on here,
but I absolutely loved this paper!!
Hopefully one day I can advance my skills enough
to turn this apartment into what it should be.
Must do research when time permits.
I do love the collage of sweet words.
Definitely meant for a sweet tenant.
Hey, perhaps Elizabeth's twin girls can learn
to spell and read by them!
I found the brick on the net.
This, I knew I wanted.
It is so realistic!
Just printed it out and glued it to the walls.
I love the warm feeling that it gives to this space.
You can tell on the far wall where one
paper printed out a little lighter than the others.
That happens when you get low on ink!
That's a 'FUTURE FIX' or maybe not!
I have to see about it as I start putting the
furniture in.
As I keep looking at it, I kind of like the way
that the bricks look like they are shifting.
After all, it is an old building.
I might keep this just as it is.
Thanks for stopping by!