Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RUG - Found in a Frame

I also extend a big Welcome to all of my new followers!
Take a look around - hopefully there is something
that interests you.
During one of my thrifting haunts,
I came across this picture.
Thinking that it was painted or something like that.
I had to stick my eyes up to the
frame to see the design.
It never dawned on me that someone would actually
frame a dollhouse rug!
The rug is bit - a full 8 X 12 inches.
The colors are off a little.
It is a navy blue color but looks
Do not know where to put it yet,
cause it is so big!

Also this is a good time to tell you that I am
going to be published in the 'American Miniaturist'
I am really so excited about it. 
Anyway I have been working really hard all of
these weeks trying to get it ready. 
I will let you know as soon
as it goes to the press.
The dollhouse magazine is
shooting for October for the witches apartment.
Hopefully it
will be published then as that is their 100th issue!
Thanks for stopping by!