Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hello Everybody! 
Thank you to all that have
left me very nice comments. They
are very much appreciated.

After my last posting, I finally
decided upon a name! I had to
enlist the help of a sweet lady named Ellie Falco
to help me with a sign. She made it
and even incorporated Irena's name.
The signs are just wonderful!!!
Ellie Falco can be found on Ebay and
on Facebook. To find her on Facebook
Simply search for her with the title:
"Little Day Dreams Miniatures".
Ellie lives in Morris Plains, N.J.

Ellie has been making me awards/certificates
for each of my witches. I love seeing their
names in print!
She makes and sells many things so I hope that you will
look her up soon. 

I am always slow at what I do, ideas, time, money
and family life always come first. 
Sometimes life gets in the way.
I have been trying to make over this apartment
since about 2012. Trying to get an idea of what
I wanted was very hard. If you remember this
use to be the apartment of Permelia.

I have so many pics to show you and cannot
post them all today. I hope to at least get them
all posted before Halloween. So do expect some
long posts!

Today I am posting 47 pics which show the entrance
into the witch's apartment. 

So, let me WELCOME you to

Innkeeper Irena.
Ellie made me 2 of the same sign, because
this sign holder has 2 sides. I got this
sign holder 
many years ago, knowing I wanted to
use it, but not knowing when or where.
I hope you will agree that it works
perfectly here in Louisiana's French

This Inn is located on the bottom floor of this
building in a small apartment. 
THE TREES ARE REAL!! They are limbs
that my hubby found at the back of our home.
I knew I wanted this area to be as real as
I could get it. All of the limbs lean in towards
the building. I was going for a secluded look,
but decided against it at the last moment 
because it was hard to see the French doors.
Also the limbs reached to the 3rd floor. I had
to scale them back to the second floor. By the 
way, the 3 windows is also another witch
apartment that I am also currently working on.
I still have lots to do on that one and hopefully
I can have it done by next Halloween.
I made the black stairs that you see going up
to the French doors. I love how this witch
apartment is secluded from the other tenants.
The ground cover is lichen and moss covers some 
of the branches.
This is the only way into the witch's apartment.

Notice the front door on the right that
goes into the building to the other apartments.
Witches can walk in thru this gated arbor,
or they can fly in from the side directly
in front of the steps. Their choice. Later,
I hope to fill in with more lichen/moss
going from the arbor to the front doors.
So much more to do. I have had the gated
arbor for many years. It has sat for a long
time. It feels good to finally use it.

A closer pic of the arbor and a few limbs.

A view from the trees.

A view into the courtyard by way of 
the gate. Not much space for a courtyard.

As you come thru the gate, there is a lot
to see.

I have had this skull tree for at least
2 years. I bought it at one of the craft
stores. It is not a tall tree. Many times
I tried placing the tree in different places,
only for it not to look good at all. Finally
found a spot for it! Not many skulls on
the tree when I bought it. Perhaps the
other skulls got lost. I would have liked more
skulls on the tree.

You can see the base of the skull tree
better. All of that lichen/moss is not
glued onto the little tree. It is merely
just packed around the base, no glue.
I like the look of the limbs. They look
real - they are real!!

OH MY!!! meet Gazella Grim. She has come
to visit Irena. They are long time friends.
All of my witches come from Detta. You
can find her here.

Gazella is on her way thru the gate.
The witches do not use a broom when they
enter this way.

Sweet Gazella. Her name does not
do her justice. Even though she
may look grim - she is not grim.
She is a happy soul. Eager to help

Much better now to be able to
see her face.

Oh my - who parked their broom
near the skull tree!!!
Actually this broom is really a sticker!

Oh my another witch is here!
Oooo see the sign! Love this dual sign.

There are 2 black cats that look the same.
They are made of resin and they have
been fighting today. They do try to stay
away from each other, but occasionally
they seem to get into it. This one is named
Blackie and he stays on this side of the 
steps. Gazella sees Blackie and hopes 
he is in a good mood.

Can you tell that the sign is a dual sign.

There is a yellow owl in the tree. What
you see is the back of him.

The tree holds a pumpkin that you can
put stuff in. But as of yet I have not
put anything in it. Not sure what to 
put in it.

The pumpkin is more orangey than what 
it shows. I hope you like him.

Here is the owl. He is kind of big, but
he looks at home on this limb.

This is a sticker bat.

Another sticker bat!

Gee, what is that - is that a witch!!! What is she

Oh my goodness - I hope she is not
stuck! Did she happen to fly awkwardly
into the tree!! I hope she is not hurt!

Oh my - perhaps she is looking into
that window!!! Is she a peeping Tom?
She is wearing white so she must be
a good witch.
This witch is named Kallista Kreep.
And she has a twin sister that wears black
and is named Kallisa Kreep. Both of them
make kettles! They are identical twins.

Whew! A cat is being rescued!
Look how scared he is - he cannot get down!
I have so many
cats, and could not find one to put here. This
cat is actually a sticker.

This is what this area looks like now with just a
couple of witches.

A couple of witches are visiting.

A better close up. I was hoping to trail the ivy more
than what I show here. But space limits it.

Meet Starla Spook!  Starla sells shoes for witches.
But if you need a paire or a spare, she is always
eager to help. Oh my she is getting tired.

Starla has decided to walk over and
sit in that great chair!

A view of Starla from the trees.

This pic shows the 3 skinny trees at the side
of the French door. They offer some

A view of this area.

Okay, what is this witch doing?

Meet Gabi Gruesome! She is the garden
witch. She tends to Irena's yard. She is
trying to find a place for plants and flowers.

You can see Gabi better here.

Ooo here is the other cat. Her name is Midnight.
She is warning Blackie not to come on this side.
These cats are resin and have a resin base.

Midnight has gotten in the ground cover by the
trees. A little lady bug landed on the porch.
She is going to make her way inside.

Midnight protecting her area.

She is trying to hide from Blackie.

The only way to have real looking trees is to
have real limbs. I like these little trees.

Gabi looking off into the distance.

Here is what the little wooded area
looks like.  Perhaps I need more

A little peek into the Inn. Many cats live here
and come and go as they please.

Here is a spider on a web by the door. Spider
came from Detta. He looks at home here!

This is the kitchen side. Oh look!! The
witch must have made some gingerbread
men and they are running away!! One is
almost out of the door - the cat is trying
to eat him! The other man is still on the
table, waiting for when he can jump off
and run!! I hope neither one of them
gets eaten by the cats!

Look - he is trying to get away before the other
cat sees him!
I hope you have enjoyed this posting. 
Thank you and please visit me again!