Sunday, October 30, 2011

Apartment Samantha - Samantha's Moved In

Samantha moved out of the
Penthouse apartment and moved into
the 2cd floor already.
The Penthouse apartment
never would work for her.
Not sure why?
The Penthouse had a nice furniture
arrangement too. 

Anyway, here is her apartment now.

Samantha is the reason that I created
the storyline for this blog.
"Somewhere in Louisiana'.
See - Samantha loves 'Mardi Gras' 
Eventually I
hope to fill her apartment with
Mardi Gras costumes and masks!
These are not the original pics that
were published in the
"American Miniature magazine".
Samantha just moved in here
and tidied up so I could show you
what her new apartment is looking like.

Sam loves the white walls!
The tall posts were plastic
cake Decorating Pillars
made by Wilton.
I left them white for a long time
before giving them a few paint colors
of pink and black.
I tried to make them a little shabby.
Hope I succeeded??

Sam got rid of the red sofa set.
It was so big and stood out like a sore thumb!
This set is much smaller and more practical
for the room.

Sometimes these pillars get in the way and fall
 when I open the main door.
So, there isn't any doubt in my mind
that they will have to go away. 

 The right side of the apartment
is the kitchen, living and dining area.
A problem with the pillars - 
what to do with them!

This apartment has many possibilities
in moving the furniture around.
I like that cause I change
things around often.
The kitchen is in the very back
right area and for Sam - this will always
be in the same spot.
This kitchen was white,
but I wanted a change so I painted it black.

 The left side of the apartment is Sam's bedroom.
The blankets and the pillows
were made in in the early 90s.
But since unpacking
 many boxes, I have since lost one of
the bed pillows.
The couch table shows my attempt
at making a mask.
It is purple and gold. 
Looks funny!

Samantha sold the pillars.
Better now that they have
are gone.
Now she can buy some groceries.
The white picture frames on the
far right side of the room
along the wall were once gold.
I painted them white, making them a little
I really do not know where I want
to hang them. 

Sam loves her bed, armoire and nightstand.
Her bedding is old already and needs
She brought them with her to this apartment
from the Penthouse.

The creamy wicker chair is made of
I made a small little pink checked pillow
and placed it to use as a cushion
for Sam's tush, just in
case she decides to sit in the chair.
The hatbox sitting on top of the chair
is one of three.
It is the same and the one sitting
on top of the black table.
These are Barbie hatboxes.

I glued white fabric to the sides
and to the tops of them.
I left a little of the pink plastic showing.
The great
thing about them is that the lids
can come off and you can store things
in them.
The tops have little pink
bows that I made from embroidery

A 3rd one of these hatboxes
is stored under the black table.
Another little round Barbie box
sits under the bigger round box.
I also covered that box too.
The cabinet behind the resin chair
 used to have doors on it.
I prefer the cabinet with no doors.
 I made shoe boxes many years ago
and placed them on the left side of the cabinet.
The shoe boxes hold Barbie's open toed high heels.
I never got around to decorating their tops.
Behind the wicker chair are some
lacy ruffled bed pillows that I made.
The pink hat is plastic.
The red hat is tucked in there behind.
Above the cabinet are 3 pieces of luggage.
The pink suitcase belonged to Barbie.
It is plastic.
I cut out a small printed
flowered cotton fabric and glued
it to the plastic.
This case does not open.
The tan suitcase and the navy blue
suitcases do not open either.
These cases were bought from
eBay many years ago.
I do not know if you can still buy them.
The small hat is one of those
cheap hats that are still
being sold.
I glued ribbon, pearls and
3 tiny flowers around the brim.
Beside the suitcases is a Cameo that I
just adore.
Do not know where it came from
or what it went with.
The backside of it is hollow.
I just merely propped it up there
to anchor the suitcases.
The Cameo is made of a very thin plastic.

The armoire holds more boxes that I
Those boxes also hold Barbie shoes.
A shelf holds white pieces of cotton
fabric that is folded up to resemble clothes.
Another shelf holds pieces of fabrics
The other shelves were left empty.

I have no intentions of putting any
curtains to the windows
that are behind the bed.
I like the light that comes in thru them.
A couple of picture frames are propped
up against the window.
I painted them pink.
I have no intentions of hanging
I added a balsa shelf above the 3 windows
that I painted white.
 I made this lace dress years ago without a pattern.
I have already given you
directions on how to make it.
How the dress looks depends on the lace
that you use.
This creamy dress was made from flat lace.
Gathered lace will make the dress more

Behind the nightstand are 2 French doors
that I painted brown and then added some
white on them.
They are just there for added height in the room.
I have intentions of connecting the
2 doors together to make a divider. 
Beside the hanging lace dress is a mirror
that used to be a gaudy gold color.
I painted it white cause it was hideous.
I have a total of 3 of these mirrors
but do not know where
I put the other 2.
I found these mirrors in a music box
that I had bought from a thrift store.

The black table used to be an oak color until
I painted it. Beside the mask are 2 small picture
frames that are just sitting there with no
pics in them. I painted them white too.

The table and chairs used to be white until I
got a wild hair and decided to paint
them pink!
They look shabby though.
Sam just sat the grocery bag into the chair
when her pearls broke!!
OH NO!!!!
Do you see them on the floor by her feet!!

 Samantha went to the eye doctor and
now must she must wear eye glasses.
She hasn't long been inside
of the apartment.
Not enough time to sit down.
A little bit of the kitchen can be seen here.

Am sorry that you cannot see the apron
that hangs nearby.
It is a country-styled apron.
Let me tell you how I came about
getting this apron so you will
be on the lookout for them.
I believe that you can still find them
if you keep your eyes open for them.
Have you seen those pre-printed aprons
that all you do is cut them out of the fabric
and stitch them up.
I believe they are called 'Panels'.
The directions are
also printed on the same fabric on how to put the
apron together.
Well on these panels are smaller aprons
that are just right size for your miniature dolls!
That's right!!
 All you do is
cut them out with scissors and add
ribbons for the top
to go around the dolls neck and ribbons
around the waist to tie it closed. 
So keep a look out for those apron panels.

The floor is a wood-look cloth.

 I like the pink, blue and white color
of the sofa and chairs.
The room needs a rug of some kind
to anchor the furniture. 
The little sewing basket is made of
white wire. It needs a little knob on top as well
as a cloth lining on the inside.
I  need to also make some stuff to go in
 Thank you for visiting me!
Until next time.