Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Went to an antique store, saw these
2 cute china dolls.
Have seen these china dolls
around a lot throughout the
Thought that $6.99 each was a good/fair
price for them.
So I bought them.

Perhaps both china dolls were very much
loved by a little girl.
I do not know the age of either one
of these dolls.
These china dolls are 7 inches high.
Clearly not a miniature.
Clearly both china dolls had different owners
with different sewing skills.

The doll on the left was not made
very well.
She did have some nice cotton cloth
for her body.
And it is so pristine white.
I took her bloomers off
cause they did not go
up to her waist.
She has a long torso.

The bonnet is not too bad,
do not know if it re-usable.
Her dress
was also cut crooked and the deep purple
ribbon had ran pink onto the dress.
Maybe it was washed in warm/hot

Time to take the china doll on
the left and take her apart.
Her body must not be too old, it
is stuffed with polyester fiberfill.
I will attempt to re-use what
I can before throwing anything

Her body came apart really easy.
Her legs are REALLY MESSY with glue!!
The arms are okay.

Look how bad the inside of the breast
plate is.
There is a huge mess in there!!!
It is possible that this doll has been fixed
many times over.
Perhaps they used hot glue cause there is
a little crack on the left side in the china.

OOOoo I do not know how I am going to
clean that mess out!!
All that glue on her leg is a mess too!!

I wonder if they sell glue remover
for porcelain!
Still I think even with the
work that I have to do to fix her that
the china dolls are still a good deal.
I do like to try and fix things if I can.

Thanks for stopping by!