Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miniature Dollhouse Magazines - Gift for subscription

I subscribed to the magazine
called 'American Miniaturist'.
I just received this little plate set for subscribing.
Sweet, sweet!
 This is so cute. It measures about 3.5 inches long
and that includes the plate hanger. I have been
debating on where to hang it.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
This is a lovely item!!!
 See the back.
The little plates are glued on.
Does anyone out there
know where to get this little wire at?
And what gauge is it?
 Yep - its Reutter Porcelain from Germany.
 The box it came in - can also be used.
The box is a little over 3 inches long.
It is 1.5 inches high and is
just a little over 2 inches in depth.
Surely many things can be made from this little
plastic box.
When the little box is turned this way
it could be a tiny miniature room.
You could also make it into a large fish tank.

 When turned this way - then it could become a
tall dollhouse.
Sure it would be 1/4th in size but it
could be made into 2 floors or more.
But I do not
know how to make mini's for that size.
I imagine it to be difficult to do.
What would you make with it?
Thanks for stopping by and throwing me
as sweet comment!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

To all of my

wonderful followers.
Thank you for all of your wonderful
comments. They are greatly
Many hugs & kisses