Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apartment Daisy - Daisy with BARBIE HAIR!

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This week I am showing you
Yep - she has changed again.
I love the way that Daisy has changed.
Her hair is silky-soft!!
I was wanting
a new modern look with the hair.
I did not use viscose or any of the
other types of hair.
I love my thrift store here!!
I went there specifically to see what
BARBIE'S they had.
Their Barbie's
are always so nice and clean! So I bought
one of them and headed for home.
Barbie had so much hair!
After scalping
her - I still have enough left to do another
And so I hope you like the results as much
as I do!
This is a close-up. Of course it does get
in her eyes.
I think she needs a barrette to hold back
the hair.
New look - new dress!!

 I love her new look!
She even has a new matching hat!

 Maybe I got carried away - but I
put tons of hair on her head!

 Daisy's side profile!
She is happy to show you
her new purse too.
I think she likes being a blonde!

 Isn't this hair lovely!!
And it was already curled.

 Here it is without the hat.
Oops! her slip is hanging!

She needed a new purse also to match
her new dress and hat and of course
the new slip!

 Daisy's hat as seen from the top.
Thank you for visiting me once again!