Saturday, September 29, 2018


Hello Everybody!
Terrible times in North Carolina.
I wish all of them well and hope that
many were safe.

Finished the bathroom in Lucille's

It is not too small, but not too big either. 
The space is just a little over 2 windows wide.
Took my time and bought some Reutter!
This is a lovely bathroom set.

I made the canopy by cutting some of the rest of
the blouse that I used on another apartment.

Here you can see some of the green crochet 
kind of (what the blouse looked like).
Love the sink, mirror and the accessories.

A robe hangs on the door and there is a tissue
box by Reutter also. 
All of the accessories are by Reutter.

Here is the inside of the window. 
The curtains are also of the same blouse.
I had enough so why not use it.

I always love an outside view. 
Never know what you see in there when you peek!

I hope you have enjoyed the bathroom.
Thank you for stopping by!