Monday, October 21, 2019

My 'Pumpkin Rider'!

Hello Everybody!

Thank you for your nice comments.
As always they are greatly appreciated.

Are you getting ready for Halloween!
Have you bought or made your candy yet!

I want to show you what I made.
Lesley made one also.

We had been practicing playing around with
We made pumpkins, but mine is thin. 
I hope it doesn't break.
If it does, I know then to make it thick.
Live and learn!

I call this my
'Pumpkin Rider'.
She is sticking out her tongue!!!
Which came by way of an accident!
I was slitting open her mouth between
the teeth and as I
was doing so, it was pressing down on
her lower jaw.
So I decided to paint it red for a tongue
like she is sticking it out at you!
I hope it worked!
Hope you like her!!

She gets a free ride as long as the donkey doesn't
You know how they can be!
I tore up my great-grandsons car and stole his
The car looked worse for wear really!
But the pumpkin rider had to have wheels that
Don't you agree.

She better watch where she is going
before she runs into something!!

I hope you like her!
Thank you for stopping by!!