Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello Everyone!
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These are MAKE-DO QUILTS!!

Mini-Strip Quilt #3

This is the quilt that we are making.
Each colorful strip are made up of
8 blocks.
White strips are sewn in between
each colorful strip.

These are some pretty strips. Cut them
in any width that you want.
 I started with 9 strips, same length,
same width.
The white fabric here being used are
white apron strings.
See where I cut off the top!
You can get 2 strips from one apron string.
Cut off the side hems on these strings.

To make each colorful strip -
(sorry no pic), Sew 8 strips together
lengthways side by side.
Finger press them open.
This makes one large block.
Now, with a ruler mark off
one inch strips all the way across
the 8 blocks.
This gives you 8 different colored blocks
that are sewn together.
Be careful because they will come
apart very easily!!!

If they do start coming apart, do
not fret.
Take a white strip, lay it on top
of the colored strip and sew down
the length. 
Sew another white strip down the
other side, this way, that 
colorful strip does not fall apart.
Do not worry how 
skinny or fat the strip becomes.
Repeat with another colorful
strip, then a  white strip.
Repeat the process until
you get 5 colorful strips sewn together.
Make sure that you end
with a white strip.

If the quilt top is not wide enough
for your bed, just add as many
and as wide of a strip you need for
the borders. 
I used skinny strips - but you can
use as wide as you want. 
This is the front of the mini quilt.
It is very easy to see how I put this mini
quilt together. It does not matter that the
little one inch squares are lopped off.
It adds to the charm.
Anything goes in a
I will not quilt this one!
Must have one that is different.
It is so much fun to make these little quilts. I hope
you have enjoyed looking at them.

Thank you for visiting me!