Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello Everyone!!!

Thank you
for all of your sweet comments.
They are greatly appreciated.
This post will be short.
I hope that all of you had a very
good great Christmas and New Year!!
And I hope that 2014 is super good
for everyone of you!!
Cheaters Cloth, we have all seen
some of it.
Some of it looks gaudy, some looks cute.
This miniature
cheaters cloth is so cute.
You can tie it like they do in original
quilts or hand stitch it like I have here.
There is so much quilting here that I hope
you can see it. It took me 6 months to stitch
every block.
The stitches are tiny even though they look big!
I hand stitched this same quilt for Marlene when we
swapped. Am glad that I had enough left over to make
me one!

Before you start stitching one of these
bad babies up - you should always
cut the backing fabric at least an
inch larger all around than the top.
And also make sure that the top
is bigger so that you will
not have any trouble binding
the quilt.
You must either tie a quilt or hand-stitch
or machine-stitch a quilt first
before you bind the edges.

If you are going to tie the quilt, use
embroidery or cross-stitch floss. That will
act as yarn. Tie a knot in each block and 
at each corner of the block.

When you want to stitch one of these quilts to make
it look somewhat realistic - you should hand stitch
each block or at least the strips.
If you look real close you will see that I have 
hand quilted each block of this quilt.
Sometimes I do not put anything on
the inside of these little quilts,
because it can make the bed quilt
too bulky. 
If I use anything, then it is a 'Bounce' dryer sheet.

When you hand-quilt, please be sure to
stop hand-stitching at least 1/2 inch away
from the outside edge.
Afterwards, you can finish hand-stitch
the blocks after you bind the quilt.

Binding or Finishing the quilt is then done 
in 3 ways.
1. If you stopped hand-stitching 1/2 inch
away from the outer edge
then you can trim and turn
the excess backing fabric to the inside
of the quilt. Then, trim and turn the top to the inside.
Hand or machine the edges closed. 
Then finish hand-stitching the blocks.
2. If needed, trim away any excess fabric on the backing.
Turn the front over and turn under a little
of the fabric before stitching closed.
3. Trim and cut any excess backing fabric.
Stitch either ribbon or a strip of
fabric to the quilt top, make the sure the seam
faces the back. Then hand-stitch the 
ribbon or strip to the backside. If using fabric
then be sure to turn under the seam
first before stitching it down.
Ribbon does not fray, so you can just
hand-stitch it down - much faster!

I like my mini quilts to be large!
OOPS! my bed too small.

I love the look and the feel of
a hand-stitched quilt.
Nothing like handmade!
Thank you for visiting me!