Saturday, December 13, 2014


Hello Everyone!!
I have been super busy!
I hope that yawl had a very nice Thanksgiving.
I finally finished this apartment. It has totally changed from
what you previously saw. There are about 84 photo's, so I
sure do hope you like apartment #7 as well as I do.
This is the front door leading into the apartment. The
brown wall has not been wallpapered yet due to it will
not be seen from the other apartment. The front door
has the plastic (um glass) LOL'S, put into the door.
We do not want any unwanted people in the
stairwell peeking inside this single lady's apartment.
Rachel WELCOMES you to take a peek
inside of her apartment.
First, I would like to take you to the outside
of the building so you can peek inside of
the bay window.
Beside the pink sudsy tub are 3 bath towels folded
up and placed on a small table.
Here is a better peek of the tub.
I hope that this picture is not too blurry on the
left side of the small lace curtain. Maybe Rachel
needs some privacy curtains! Well, she will tell
you that there is not a building close by that
can see her tub. LOL'S
I am hoping that from this window that you can
get an idea of how the inside might look.
I do love the suds in the tub. I hope you will also.
On the bed is a bath towel, so Rachel does not have
to bend too far to grab it.  I had a hard time getting
good pictures because of grey skies and rain. But I
hope that the picture of the towel will show you
what it looks like.
Across from the tub is a small kitchen that is situated
between the front door and the bathroom. Please do
not mind the mess beyond the front door. That apartment
comes next.
This is the Kitchen for apartment #7. I could not
make the other kitchen work so I had to make
another one.  What I did was to take a regular
cabinet that I did not need anymore and I attached
a sink on top. The sink was one that did not have
a base and it was stainless steel looking. I painted
the sink and the faucet white as well as the cabinets
that I made from balsa. Balsa also boxes in the sink.
No room for a stove, this
apartment only has a microwave that I have had
for years.
The cute plastic pink dishes are
Chrysenbonn. I know that name is spelled
wrong, but I am sure that you have seen these
kits. Only a few groceries will go on these
2 shelves because Rachel really does
not eat here. Mostly she eats out!
The drawer has been sectioned off. It holds the
silverware and as of yet I have not added any
potholders in the bigger space. The kitchen towel
hangs from this drawer.
I took a photo from the net, printed it out on
cotton. Fringed the ends for kitchen towels.
The drawer is to be always left slightly open. The
bottom cabinet on the left is the tiny refrigerator. I
have forgotten to put anything inside. I must look
thru my boxes.
Beneath the kitchen towel are 3 more kitchen towels
just in case this one gets dirty. She has plenty to
use. I still have to place more stuff on the bottom
shelf. I am not sure what this single lady needs
in her kitchen.
But as you can see here, when she needs a little
snack, Rachel makes a few tarts with strawberry
marmalade. Yum-yum!
Beside the kitchen is a small wall that holds a
bathroom. I will show that to you soon.
From the door you can see the bay window. There
is a tiny curtain inside. And the curtains that I had
up there from earlier pics is still there.  See the little
table that holds 3 bath towels.
The tub looks great here. I love the pink suds!
Just another view.
Here is the tub. Can you guess what makes the suds!!
I had a small piece of pink egg-crate. I cut a piece
to go inside for leverage and then another piece to go on top.
It does look a little sudsy doesn't it.
This is what the bath towels look like. I hope it looks
romantic!!! These bath towels are big and are folded
to look small, except for the one you see here. It lays
on the bed. The matching hand towels are in the
I have removed the kitchen and the side wall so
you can see the bathroom better from the
I also decided to remove the long wall for
these pics.
The bathroom is roomy. The water inside the toilet
is blue, but I could not find my picture to show you.
What I did was to place a piece of tape on the bottom
of the toilet so that it closed off the drain hole.
Then I placed tacky glue on the inside and mixed
blue paint in, stirred it well and let it dry.  Anyway
3 hand towels sit on top of the toilet while one is
laid across the seat. Because Rachel always sits here
and shaves her legs and underarms.
Here is the sink.
A better view of the sink shows the mess
she has made. There is a bar of soap that has
bubbles around it. Her razor is still sitting on
the sink. And the bubbles will not go down the
drain!!! LOL'S
I looked at the website of (OMG I have been trying
to remember the name of the website and have forgotten).
Please forgive me! Anyway she has a tutorial for
making the bubbles in the bathtub.
I used VERY SMALL plastic
beads that have tiny holes in them for bubbles. The
beads are clear to get the effect that I wanted.
Rachel needs a toothbrush to go inside the cup.
I am sure all of you have seen the JET DRY that
is used as trash cans. It comes 2 in a pack. I decided to use one
as a hamper.  I took a piece of pink linen that had a
ruffle attached to make the lining for the hamper.
The lid was easy to make. All of this plastic is
on the jet dry container.
The inside of the hamper is so cute.
Just a better photo of the hamper for you.
You know every hamper should have holes for
ventilation! LOL'S
As you can see, it says JET DRY on the inside of
the lid.
Rachel has already began putting in dirty clothes.
I hope she washes her clothes soon.
Beside the bathroom is a closet. I removed the tub
so you will be able to see it better.
As I have stated before. I love the hooks and eyes.
I made a shelf and at the end bent the hooks so that
they would hold a rod. The hooks are glued to the
shelf. A little dowel glued to the hooks and painted
white works great. The top of the shelf is papered
with left over pieces of wallpaper from the wall.
Here is a better view after it is painted.
Still more clothes are needed to fill the space.
There is even wall space to hang hats but I have brought
out all of the stuff from my boxes yet. There is not a
hat in the hatbox. The pink curtain holds the toilet.
The clothes fit great on the rod.
I hand sewed the little lace dress. No glue at all
on this dress.
The red dress is really a Barbie dress. I have had it
for a while knowing that I would work perfectly once
I cut it down. I bought the Barbie dress at the thrift
store for 50 cents. The dress hung past Barbie's knees
What I did was to cut out the back Velcro and sew
it up as best as I could.  Then I cut off a lot from
 the top of the dress and glued ribbon around the top
to hide the edge. Then glued on a bow and added
This is the back.
This is a lace coat with matching dress that I
made. It took me a couple of days to make. It
is entirely hand sewn!! This is the front with
a piece of lace fabric tied into a bow.
This is the back of the dress. There are so
many different pieces of lace on this set. I
used what I had. This is by far my FAVORITE!!
I hope you can see the many pieces of lace that
has been sewn together.
Is this a better picture for you.
I used white lace and beige laces.
It has a white plastic hanger.
I am sorry you cannot see the last dress that is
hanging on the rod. Somehow I missed putting
that photo in here. It is pink and is behind the
pink curtain. Hopefully you can see some of it.
The pink dress matches the pink hat with matching
This was the best photo that I could get of these
boots. Last year I bought these boots from Petit Nadia.
She is on ebay. She makes some lovely things. I could
not resist buying them. I still have more work to do
with this closet. Rachel needs more shoes.
The pink hat and pink purse - I made. The heart
shape thing was in a small box. I think that it had
something to do with Valentine's Day. Am not
sure what it was used for.
But I decided to use it as a tiny stool to hold
the pink hat and purse. Later I will use it as a
sitting stool for Rachel once I decide where to
put her hat and purses.
I deformed the hook into this shape.
I used the eyes and hand sewed each one - 4 of
them to the top of the curtain. I did not even
hem the top or the sides. It would have been
bulky and I did not want any bulk in this area.
This fabric is pink linen and it matches
the hamper fabric. It was a little baby
dress. See the eyes better.
The eyes are placed on the hooks with TACKY WAX.
So that the curtain will stay on them. The hooks then
have tacky wax to hold them to the ceiling.
I made the curtain not very wide because I still
wanted to see the toilet.
Lastly, I used tacky wax and placed a little
chandelier near the tub.
This is what the Apartment looks like. The door
to this apartment building will go up last. I did it like
this because I did not know if there would be trouble to get
into the apartments on the left side. This photo is a little
Here is Rachel's bed. No living area in here for her.
The bed is a little big for the area but it works great
for this space.
The little chase will later become a catch-all for
Rachel's dresses. I want the apartment to look like
she has too many clothes and she has to put them
I did keep the fireplace.
I tried many times to get a good photo of the
fireplace with these items on it, but I could not
get even one. So I moved the fireplace and placed
these items on it to take the photo and then I put
the fireplace back in her room.
The little item on the left is from Swarovski. I bought
this little carousel  about 17 years ago in Oklahoma.
The little gold piece that holds the horses spins around.
It was so cute - that I could not resist it. the little item
in the center is a little mirror on a stand. Right now
it is reflecting the flowers in the vase.
I have a stand on the base of this fireplace
that holds 2 umbrellas. One red and one blue.
A better view of the chase from the side.
You can see the base of the fireplace that holds the
umbrella stand.
Here is a better view of the bed in the room.
A good view to the closet.
Sorry about the blurry from the canopy top.
I still need to put a few more things inside the
apartment. Perhaps a picture or 2 above the fireplace.
And maybe some more lights.
The canopy bed is one of my favorites. White wire
is delicate and very easy to break. I am surprised that
I have not broke it. I have stored it for years. Having
said that I am sure now I will break it somewhere.
Fingers crossed.
I do not remember where the little pillow came from.
It is embroidered and I have had it for about 18 years.
This is what the canopy bed looks like at the head
of it.
Here is the canopy top. I wanted you to see the
fabric. It was so holy that it was easy to cut a
piece and drape over the top. This was a crochet
ladies blouse. The green looks good with this
The little skirt and blouse that is laying
on the bed is one that I made. It is also completely
hand sewn.
The dresser is white wire. I have lined
all of the drawers with pink Moiré
miniature wallpaper.
The 2cd drawer holds a pink bra and panty.
A gold purse hangs from the first drawer knob.
The vanity holds a variety of items.
The pink bottles with gold lids are Barbie bottles.
I glued little images to them that I cut out from
pictures. The beige gloves were also purchased
from Petit Nadia.
Okay, here is Rachel. She is looking out of
her bedroom window. I dressed this doll by myself.
I bought this doll naked from
Here is the link.
Something caught Rachel's eye. She will look
your way in a moment.
Sweetie doll wigged her for me.
Isn't she pretty!!
My daughter Pep painted her fingernails red and
painted pearls around her wrists. She mixed in
a little blue. I hand sewed the lace together
for a nightgown. It is tight on her. No need for
straps. This nightgown will come off easily when
I want to put something else on her. It is not
glued on.
Pep also painted her shoes gold. Later I plan on
dressing her in something different.
I guess you recognize her light pink robe. It was
simple to make. It is much larger than the doll.
and I cut strings so they would go around her arms
and stay on when wrapped around. I gathered
the back together to fit.
Here is the bottom of the robe. The robe is made
from white cheesecloth that I dyed pink with

Well, I am so sorry that this posting is so long.
I could not leave any photo out. I think that this is
my favorite apartment so far!

Thank you for visiting me!!