Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Apartment #5 - Paula Brooks - The Bed

Hello Everyone!
How have you been. I do hope
that this month you have been
Am sorry - but I have been
anemic and am working as
fast as I am able on the
apartment.  To my dismay I must
go again this Wednesday for
more blood to be drawn out. So
I will get done what I can.
I do not know if you have guessed
it or not - but the apartment is
going to be ONLY in Black-n-White.
I had to remove the painted white
wood floor. It just would not work
in this space.
At least I got the bed finished!
I had this bed for over 18 years.
It was in a natural
Sorry I forgot to take the before photo but
here is the after.
It took a total of 3 coats of paint
for the inside and the outside.
In between each coat
I had to let it dry for a full day.
The paint is a high gloss enamel.
The bed has decoration
on the small sides pieces. I
t is hard to see, but I
did not want any gold or white on this bed.
I wanted it to be only black.
I should have probably sanded down between
coats, but the apartment is not a high-end
The apartment is for a working girl.
On her 1st apartment, she bought what she could!
You know the secret to my mattresses already!!
I just cut the size I need and then cover it like a
present! Generally I sew it, but this time I glued
it because it was much faster for me.
Here is the mattress all done.
Ready to be fixed unto the bed.
The bed linens came from a KNITTED BLOUSE that had all of
this gorgeous dripping lace on it!
About 12 inches total. It was just lovely!!
I could not let this beautiful fabric get away from
me without using it!
Can you see the knitted area. When I make the curtains,
I will show you the blouse so you can get a better
idea of what it looks like and what you need to
look for in case you want to try this look.
First, I show you the bottom of the bed with the
lace blanket.
I  did not hem any of the edges.
is a long pillow placed under the lace blanket
to give it height.
For the blanket, I cut a large piece of the lace,
about 9 inches X 8 inches, very close to that.
I made a long pillow and stuffed it with cotton
balls and just sewed it together with one long seam.
You can see here how I have placed the long
pillow under the lace cover.
There is no lace on the pillow at all. It is made
from the same knitted fabric as the bed cover.
The bed pillow itself is made differently than the
long pillow.
I actually made a big pillow and stuffed
it with cotton balls.
I did not fully stuff it. I wanted
a relaxed look so as to look dented or that she had
not too long ago placed her head upon it.
I made another pillowcase from just the lace.
I hand sewed it together and placed the pillow
inside just as you would for your own bed.
I left a lot of the lace hanging down below the mattress.
I wanted the lace pillowcase to look
bigger than the actual pillow.
Afterwards I hand sewed tucks and gathers into the
lace that is draping down below the mattress.
The bed turned out so lovely. I am so pleased with it!
Hoping now that I can move on to the window
and make curtains and perhaps a bed canopy!
Please enjoy my photos!
Thank you for visiting me.