Wednesday, December 19, 2018

APARTMENT PENTHOUSE #3 - LUCILLE - moved around a little more!!!

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I have been working on Lucille's apartment for
At least a couple of years or more.
Her apartment is not turning out like I want it to.
I feel that it is all wrong.

Well, I am still working on Lucille's apartment.
I changed another thing. 
Hopefully this is the last time.
My fingers are crossed, but I do not have hope
of her apartment ending anytime soon.

I took out jewelry box and  replaced Lucille's vanity here.
It was located beside the bed  but you could not see it.
This is better I feel because you do not see the kitchen
only some of the front door.
Now you can see her lovely hat.
I think that this area needs dressing up!

As you can see I put the coat/hat rack back, but
am not satisfied with it.
I hung the blue purse up there too.
That was not a good idea.

 Here is what the area looks like now.

Here is the apartment as it looks today.
You be the judge.
In my opinion it lacks bling!!
Or something.
Kind of looks hum-drum!!

Well it is back to the drawing board for this Penthouse.
Lucille needs something better than this.

I will be removing all of these contents, the bathroom
wall and the kitchen, cause you cannot see it. 
I think that I can do better than this!

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