Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Apartment #5 - Paula Brooks aptmt - Meet Paula Brooks - Aptmt Finished!

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you? I hope you have been

Well, the apartment is as ready as it can be. I
still have to put accessories in the bathroom, but
that will come later because I cannot decide what
color towels or anything like that, that needs to
be in there.

The maid has just gotten home after a hard
day's work at the hotel.
There she
has cleaned bedrooms and bathrooms
all day.
She sure is tired!
So tired that she forgot to change out
of her maid's uniform before leaving
Meet - Paula Brookes!

Paula has just entered into her
To the left of Paula, is a black screen that is holding
a white lacy dress that I made. 
I also made the divider a while ago for
a different apartment.
The screen was different back then.
It works better for this apartment.
I painted both sides of the screen black and put
black sewing hooks on both sides of the divider.
so I could hang things from it.
that divider is a little hard to see and
so are the hooks. But if you look carefully
perhaps you can see a hook.

You can see a little further into the apartment now,
but watch out - Paula is coming in here. Paula keeps
her apartment neat and tidy. She loves beautiful
things and buys only black or white - a very classy
lady she is once she removes
that uniform!

Her apartment is not very big.
This apartment is a little smaller than the
others in this building.
I do not know how that happened.
Frankly, I did not think that I would be
able to get everything in here that I wanted.
But I stuffed the apartment anyway.

The sun shines in thru one of the windows. It makes
the apartment look more real.

Oops! Here is Paula trying to get a head shot in there!

Paula's apartment is cozy! I wonder how much this
tiny apartment would cost in New York?

I changed things around in this apartment so many
times trying to make it work,
but this was the only
arrangement that would work.
It is a possibility that if Paula
ever moves from this apartment that the arrangement
might have to stay the same.

The bed was a light color until I got my hands on it.
It is painted with enamel black paint. So it is glossy.
In fact, most all of the furniture is glossy.
I still need
to put things under the bed.
There is still room to
put more stuff in here.

To make the bed canopy, all I did was measure the
length that I wanted and how much to go around
the bed widthwise.
Then I gathered the top and put
tacky wax on the top of the curtain and it stuck to
the top of the ceiling with no problem.
So far it has not fell down.
This bed curtain was made from one
of my lovely cotton sweaters that was to small for
me to wear anymore.
The canopy is the entire back piece of my sweater!
is how much fabric there is on this bed canopy!

The bed is soft and so dreamy looking!
Sunlight pours in!

Paula has headed over to the little kitchen area. She
does not need hardly anything here as she eats at
the hotel where she works.
She only keeps a little fruit here.

Paula owns only one pair of high heels and that
is the pair that she wears. everywhere.
She has no need for any more
shoes than this.
The shoes are metal painted black.

Paula is just checking her sink making sure it is
The little shelf above her sink holds a coffee set.
She will retire for the night soon.

It is starting to get dark already.
 A little close up pic of her tiny kitchen.
Pep made the little black sink to fit the cabinet.
The little taps were painted white, but used
to be gold.
I have nothing in the sink cabinet yet.

I made the white gown that is on the manikin.
The manikin is from the Dawn dolls.
manikins are smaller than the other types that you
can buy.
They are relatively cheap and are in a
gold color.
I painted this one a glossy black and let it
dry for a couple of days before making
the simple gown.

Just another pic that found its way in.
And a better pic of the full length
white gown beside the closet.

This is her tiny living area.
It is not much. Mostly she sits or lays down
in her bed, cause her chair
constantly has clothes on it.
I painted the little table black and
added all of the adorable things on top.

This is what the entire apartment looks like.

The curtains are made from the same cotton sweater
as the bed canopy and bed linens.
The beads on the
ends of the curtains rods were painted a glossy black.
I knew I needed some rods to hang up the curtains.
Perhaps I need valances too??

Oops - I was having trouble with keeping the shelf
up above the sink.
It must be heavier than what I thought
with the coffee set.
Eventually I will have to glue it
up there, but for now, it has
only tacky wax holding
it up. Most of the time I do
not like gluing anything
down because I change things around a lot.
Is anyone else like that?

I had another manikin from the Dawn dolls, so I
thought that I would use it here.
This time I painted
this one white and made a black outfit on it.
The bottom half is a rayon velvet black skirt
that is gathered at the waist.
I hemmed it along the
bottom edge. The top is a piece of black lace
that was measured and cut so
it would fit around
the entire bust and waist area.
Around the manikin neck is a piece of trim with
black roses, one glued to the front and one glued
to the back.
The gown turned out lovely.
This is the back of the gown.

Here is the front of the gown.
The lace is all one piece.
kind of shows up as a brown, but
it is not.
It is a dark black.
If you get a couple of these manikins
and they want to fall over.
put some putty or clay in the inside
bottom of the manikin stand, and
it should stand up okay.

I know you saw the bed in an earlier post, but I
just could not resist showing some of bed
linens again.
After I made the bed linens, curtains
 and bed canopy, there is not anymore of this
white soft cotton sweater left. Here
are Paula's black stockings on the bed.

Just another pic. I hope you like it so far.

Here is the white gown stuck in a little cubbyhole.
It fits perfectly here. Perhaps there is room for
one more!

I think that the Aida cloth works great on the wall
serving as wall paper.

I made this gown also in 2 pieces.
The main
skirt of this gown is a piece of white paper
towel. It is anchored on the manikin and you
can see it as it is exposed above the ribbon
Then I took a piece of lace that was
hemmed on the bottom and turned it
around so that the hem is now at the top of
the bodice and the lace faces down to the
ribbon belt.
This piece of lace is the same
lace as the top of the skirt.
Then I made a skirt to go over the paper
towel and put a piece of ribbon around
the waist and tied it in the back.
For the delicate straps on her shoulders.
I took white quilting thread, knotted it,
and started at the back of the gown.
I sewed the thread to the hem and went
back down to the back again and knotted
it off.
I did the same to the other side.
This pulled up the hem and when I did
that it pulled up the hem to look like
a shaped bodice.
It turned out lovely!

Just a little close-up for you.

Another close up for you.

This is the back. It is kind of bunched up together.
But in person it does not look bad.

This chair was made by an artist whom
I cannot remember. 
I have owned this for years.
I am sad to say that I have forgotten her name.
There is a hat on the edge of the chair, gloves
are laying in the chair as well as an umbrella.
There are better pics further down that you can
look at.
The little chest on the table is made of cardstock.
Yes, the clothing, and the other items are COCOA
CHANNEL items.
A little jewelry chest made from
The jewelry chest has a lot of things in it.

Okay, the little shelf if standing back up again.

The little sink  after it
cooled was painted  black with enamel glossy
I like it.
It looks rich.

This is Paula's closet! The skirt and blouse
are made of silk.
A purse hangs on the closet doorknob!

The inside of the closet.

All the clothes are made of silk. Those
shoes are very nice and are of silk too!!

The hatbox below will go on top
of the closet.
Nothing is in it.

The inside of the back of the closet.

The top of the closet has boots. The bottom
half is black and the upper is white.
This artist did not sign her work.

I hope you can see the shoes better.

A better pic of the shoes and shoe boxes.

A nice bench here in a flat black paint. All items
are glued down.
I have never tried pulling any of it up.
Paula has some pretty bedroom clothes.

Back of the bench.
I hope you enjoyed Paula's apartment!
Thank you for visiting me!