Thursday, April 14, 2011

The china doll - Marina's hair....

First let me say - when you click on the photos you will see
her hair. She doesnt have any cracks on her face. I thought
I had gotten all of the hair off of her but it is apparent that
I have not. Maybe I need a mini vacuum cleaner!
I dont know if anyone else has ever entertained
the idea of putting hair on a china doll.
But it sure did cross my mind to try it.  At first I was
gonna use black hair & try to mimic what the doll
already had - thinking that the same hair style would
be appropriate. You dont have to do that. The black hair
I had just did not look
good with her. Maybe it has something to do with the
exceptionally white skin or maybe it is the cheek color
that is the deciding factor.
Anyway I held chocolate brown hair up to her face &
this is what spoke to me. This doll has a little black scrape
upon her nose. I dont know how to fix that except to
maybe give her a mole???  Marina has now became
one of my favorite dolls.
Marina's hair is cut into a bob. This hairstyle suits this
kind of doll very well. There are many pictures here
in hopes that you can see all around her head.
The matching hat came as an after-thought.
Marina looked like she needed something
& a hat was the answer to this.
That piece of re-sis-tance - so to speak.
In my opinion it doesnt seem to matter how I
pose her. Hair on the china dolls look great
from any angle. You really do need to try this.
It gives a whole new look to the china doll.
If you never liked a china doll before - maybe
just maybe you would like to have one now.
I used cheap hairspray to keep her hair down
& straight & also to keep it from flying around.
I have to dust  the hair off of her again. If you do
this - be sure to cover her clothing so you dont
have any problem with shedding hair like I have now.
I dont know if you can see the inside of her hat.
A china doll's head is bigger than
the normal miniature dolls head. So I
made what I thought was a big hat.
I dont think that it is big enough! This hat even though
it is bigger than normal - I found that it works real
good on Permelia (the witch). In fact
this hat sits better on the regular miniature
dolls heads than it does on Marina's head.
In the future I am gonna make the hats bigger.
for my dolls. Anyway the hat on the china doll
should be made bigger so it fits better. Soon I do
intend on making a tutorial on how I made
this hat. It was so easy & fast. It is made
different than how the other hats are made.
by conny

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Marina

She is/was the ugly china doll that was in
the last posting on the left side of the photo.
I scraped & scraped glue from her legs. There
is plenty more to scrape off but I got tired of scraping. 
Decided I would take a break from that & just
fix the doll. I can scrape more later when I feel
like messing with it. Her legs are hidden. Anyway, Marina looks
a sight better than before. She is dressed more
modern. I felt that there wasnt any need to
try to dress her to a particular period since I dont
have any period fabrics. Besides, stripping off her old
body proved that she wasnt an antique!  There werent
any markings on her. So I believe that I can do with her
what I want. Marina is a short woman. Her length is
5.25. Her attitude more than makes up for her heighth.
Marina is a no-nonsense woman. Nothing gets by her.
 I am not sure if I will give
Marina back her bonnet because this will date her. I am
liking the idea of giving her some black hair. Black
hair would look good against her pale white skin. It
should give her an English look. I did
put around her shoulders a little shawl.
If I dont mind saying I think that it looks
good on her.
Here is the back of the shawl. To attach
it around her all I did was thread a piece
of pink ribbon thru the first 2 holes of the
applique from the backside. I know you
cannot see the knot but its there.
The lace applique is about 4 inches from
the 2 widest points. It was too pretty not
to use it.
This is Marina after I attached pipe cleaners to her
body & then wrapped it with cotton. See there
isnt that much glue left on her legs.
I hope you like Marina!
by conny