Monday, June 1, 2015

TUTORIAL - Making Mini Mattresses

Hello mini people!!
Hope you are all well and safe.
I want to share with you on what I use to
make my mini mattress's.
I make all of my mini bed mattresses from this
stuff. It is easy to cut with scissors.  I do not use
my good scissors to cut this stuff because I do not
want to dull them. Since living here and making
my beds, I buy this from Jo-ann's fabrics.
This is inexpensive - about $3.00. And you
can make many mattresses from just this one.
This is not a bag of poly-fil. As you can see this is what
they put in lawn chairs. This polyester foam is white.
When you look at it through the package, you should
be able to tell that the outside edges are a little rough.
There is just a little bit of  poly-fil on the inside
between the 2 rough pieces. Just enough for bounce.
This stuff is very easy to work with.
This is the thickness with the package on.
Here it is cut already on the children's bunk beds.
The bottom bunk bed looks uneven but I can assure
you that it is just the way that I placed it on the bed.
The mattresses look big but after you sew the sheets
on, then the foam flattens out some.
This is where I sewed on the white cotton for the
sheets. I stitched it on the back running my needle
from side to side and ends to ends. Your needle
can easily go through this stuff.
You can see that it is only a little over 1 inch wide.
I painted this bed apple green and then noticed that I had some
napkins the same color. So, I just might use one of
these green napkins for a sheet.
Hey - that looks good!
The next time you see this bed, I hope to have it
with sheets and covers. Then deciding on what room
to put it in is the hardest.
I hope you can use this tip!
Take care and be well.