Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hello everyone!
How are you doing?
YES, it is giveaway time!!!
This will allow me to finish
apartment #7.
The rules are the same.
1. You must be a follower.
      2. You must leave a comment.
It is up to you if you put it on
your blog.
This giveaway will end on 5 November.
This is so pretty that I have decided to make a set for
myself. I made the pink coat trimmed with fur.
It is machine sewn and hand sewn and it has a
matching fur tie. The pink fabric is so
soft and is a soft pink color. If you choose,
this coat could also be a robe.  This coat can be
worn by a doll or laid across a bed.
The brown and pink dress is also machine and hand
sewn. Only the pink rose on the front and the pink
silk bow in the back has a little glue to stay put.
This is what the back looks like.
This is my model STORM. She is my model for
most of all the clothes that I make. I do not
remember the name of this type of doll. She is
6 inches tall. Storm wears these clothes very
well. She is very skinny.
A close-up of the back of the coat.
Here is Storm wearing the dress. If you have this
type of doll, then she will be able to wear it, but be
very careful putting it on her. Or you could lay it on
a bed.  The dress has no straps. The doll has
boobies and so the dress is made bra-like.
The back of the dress.
Thank you for visiting me!!
Mini smiles,