Friday, December 27, 2013


Hello all - hope you all
had a wonderful Christmas!
Just a quick posting to show who
won Fabric Giveaway #10.
Congratulations to FABIOLA!!
Fabiola, if you would please send me your
full name and address, then I will mail
you your package.

Thanks for visiting me! Take care and may
God keep you safe and out of harm's way!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


and to this mini strip #5 quilt.
Sometimes I never know what to
say when I post. Anyway I must
tell you thank you for the
sweet comments that you leave.
And for all of those that are
new to my blog. BE SURE TO
I don't know about you, but
there is always so much on my
plate of things to do. Projects that
need finishing and more 'wanna do's'.
Let me tell you,  my house is in an uproar.
My living room is moving as well as many of
my other rooms.
Trying to stretch my little house! Hehehe
I get rid of things and
accumulate more. It is never ending. On
my remake blog, I hope to start back on
some of my quilting. My 2 sisters have
asked for quilts again. So I must go into
my stash of quilt tops and find them one,
or let them pick one out. Too late to hand quilt
them so I must tie them together. When
I hand quilt, it takes me months to finish
the hand quilting. My white quilt took
me an entire year to complete.
In the mini apartment building there will be an
old lady in one of them that just sits and
makes quilts all day. She has nothing to
do and enjoys making them. Soon I hope
to be able to show you the progress that
I have made there.
This is the last of the mini strip quilts until I
can get more little scraps together. Which is
not hard to do - just got to find them.
So now - break out with the cutting mat
and the rotary cutter and lets make this tiny
strip quilt. It is basically a
As you can see there are about 10 colors here.
Only about an inch wide to 6 inches long. You
can make each strip wider if you want. The red
square is 2X2 inches. A big square for the
mini people! Hehehe
First, decide what size you want. My little bed
is smaller than many of my other beds. This little
mini strip quilt is only a mere 6X6 inch square.
Second, Take one of your strips and place them
into piles of light and dark. I started with the
light fabric. My first strip was at the top of the
red square. Then I took the same light strip and placed
that strip to the left side and sewed it down.
Next, I sewed on the soft green strip at the
bottom of the red square. Then to the right of
that strip I sewed on another soft green strip.
These last 2 strips of soft green should have
been dark to even out the color of the light
and dark theme that a Log Cabin quilt has.
But in these mini quilts - it does not matter.
They still are darling!!
This started my first round of strips.
Sew the strip and do not worry about how it looks.
Third, Just keep sewing your light and dark
strips around the main red square. Remember
odd angles gives it charm. Do not plan them, merely
just let it happen. If you need a guide
just look at my photo's to see how
to go. Make the block as big as
you want. You can stop where I have stopped or
add wider strips to complete the borders.
The choice is yours.
Your quilt top is going to look lovely!
Fourth, cut your backing piece about 2 inches
larger than the quilt top. At this point, you must
decide how to finish the little gem that you
have created. There are 3 ways to do this.
You can Tie the quilt. To do this, then take some
cross-stitch floss in any color you want and thread
2 long strand into a needle. Start in the middle of
the little red square. With your needle go into the
quilt top and back up to the front side just a little
ways from your thread. Pull the thread thru until
you have enough thread to be able to make a knot
On a large quilt you must make ties at each seam corner
with plenty more everywhere else.
This helps the batting to stay still. Just put enough
ties in so the quilt looks cute!
I do not put any batting or DOWNY SHEETS in
these little quilts. I want my tiny quilts to be
able to stay put. If you eliminate the batting you
can finger press each little quilt to fit your bed.
Or you can go iron it and press in your side
folds to make it fit the bed. At some point I
will get around to ironing them. But for now
I only finger press them and then run that edge
across the side of my desk a few times to give
the fold.
To machine sew, just take the entire quilt to the
sewing machine and sew any design you want
on it. Sew simple or get elaborate the choice is
To hand sew, just thread a needle in any color
you want (I prefer white) and just stitch like you
would anything else. Again make the stitching
simple or fancy. It is up to you.  
These little quilts do not take long to do. They are
fast and easy.
The last thing to do after quilting is to bind the tiny quilt.
There are 2 ways to do tackle this job.
The easiest way is the bring the leftover backing to
the front, cut off excess and then sew it down
on the front side as I have done here. I know you cannot
see it but on this quilt I mitered the edges. And I did
not sew that in the conventional way.
The other way is to cut off the excess backing making
it flush with the front side. Cut fabric strips about
an inch and a half wide and about 27 inches long
(for my size). You make the strip longer if need be.
Then sew the one edge of the strip on the backside
and turn over towards the front and stitch it down.
You can also reverse this, sew the edge on the front
and sew it down on the backside. Again the choice
is yours.
There are not any mistakes in quilting and if you
are trying to teach a child how to quilt. The
best way to start is with a mini quilt.
I hope you can see where I hand stitched the sides.
Here are the mini strips for this quilt top.
The backing is a piece of THIN cotton. I get this
cotton from the inside of skirts and dresses.
In quilting, I use everything. However I try not to
mix satins in with my cottons. Most of the time I stay
away from reds as they will run their dye. Only
if I know for sure that they have been washed and will
not run - that is the only way that I use red.
I hope you are making your mini people some
quilts. It is going to be a cold winter this year and
we do not want them to get cold. Hehehe
Mini many blessings to each and every one of you.
May God keep you safe and out of harms way!

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello you all!!
How have you been. I do hope
that everyone had a very nice
Sorry that I am late!
Just 7 more giveaways are left - SO
Sign up for all of them!!
Be sure to email me with your full name
and address!!

Thank you so much for visiting me!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello Everyone!!
Hope all is well. Thank you
for your sweet comments. They
are greatly appreciated.
The next giveaway will be a little
late because of Thanksgiving.
This mini strip quilt is reversible. it turned out
so cute and scrappy! I only made 2 rows of
mini blocks with 2 extras for a pillow. It is
machine quilted with no batting. None of these
little quilts have batting. I have been known
to use a DOWNY SHEET if I wanted batting.
It is thin and smells wonderful!!
I hope you can see the little pillow better in
this photo.
This bed is small so the mini quilts are not big.
All of them are only 6 inches by 6 inches.
See how the blocks do not match up. So cute!
This quilt is reversible. This is the back. It is
mini strips! In quilting it is called a string block.
You can see the machine quilting stitches. Note that
I did not put any stitches in the little blocks. This is
the back of the pillow
This is a scrappy mini quilt. Use what you have.
Even a big patterned fabric will look small once
you cut it into small strips.
Sarah kicked the mini strip quilt off of the bed.
She got too hot!!
I still use the mat and the rotary cutter. A few more
little strips added to the little awkward blocks. And a
few more strips added to the sides makes this little
mini make-do quilt fast and easy.
I sure do hope that you try these little make-do quilts.
They are not meant to be perfect. This adds to
their charm!
Thanks for visiting me!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello Everyone!
Thank you all for the lovely comments!
Just wanted to show you another
MAKE-DO QUILT using the same
strips. A little bit different version
this time. If you look at the photo's of
all of the quilts you will see they all are
using the same strips. It does not take
many strips.
All of these mini stripped quilt are my
own designs. This mini strip quilt is
truly a MAKE-DO QUILT.
I am going to see how many quilts that I
can make out of those strips! Be sure to
use a Rotary Cutter and a mat!!!
Here are those strips again.
In my quilts - anything goes! I use dust ruffles,
pillow shams, crib sheets and anything else that I can get my
hands on. Nothing goes to waste here at my
home. I have quilted for 39 years. I have given
many quilts away to family and many friends. In
fact I have given away so many that I cannot begin
to even count them any more. I only hoped that the
quilts are loved and well taken care of.
Anyway, these are white apron strings. I cut off
the top!
The apron string gave me 2 strips to put in this
Make-Do Quilt.
This is the front of the mini quilt.
It is very easy to see how I put this mini
quilt together. It does not matter that the
little one inch squares are lopped off.
It adds to the charm.
Anything goes in a MAKE-DO QUILT!!
I have opted to not quilt this one. Must have
one that is different.
It is so much fun to make these little quilts. I hope
you have enjoyed looking at them.
Thank you for visiting me!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Everyone
Hope all is well.
Thank you for your sweet comments.
You are all beautiful.
I am sure that you all know how to
make a miniature quilt. I am just showing
you with a rotary cutter. A rotary cutter
and a mat makes cutting so much faster
and easier. Just be careful because the
rotary cutter is sharp!!!
Make-do quilts in my opinion is when
everything is slightly off. Maybe the
back is too small and you must improvise.
Perhaps the front is crooked or short on
one end. Its okay - just make the quilt anyway
and live with life's imperfections.
If you want quilts that are perfect then that is great
also. But these little quilts here are not meant to
be put into a quilt show. They are just meant
to be loved by their makers and those artists
around them.
You do not need any directions that I am sure of.
But I wanted to show you how to save on threads
at the sewing machine while sewing patches together
-- just in case you do not know already. For those that
know how, then this little tutorial you will not
need or want. So have fun while making these
small mini MAKE-DO QUILTS!
I made a total of 5 little quilts before I got sick.
This is MINI STRIP #2 of Make-Do Quilts. All
of the little quilts are different. This make-do
quilt is hand stitched. The backing and the
pillows are made from baby clothes. The print
is just the right size for these quilts. Baby clothes
are so much cheaper to get your hands on.
I wanted to show you just how cute they are.
Isn't it so cute! I even made matching pillow and just
stuffed them with polyfil. I will get around to sewing
them shut before too long.
This is the back. Can you see where I hand stitched
thru to the backing.
A rotary cutter and a mat makes it
I used 9 strips a little over 1 inch wide X 6 inches.
The width is entirely up to
you really.  For a dark quilt like this one,
try to use light colored prints so the
colors stand out.
Place 2 sides together and take them to the sewing
machine. Sew them back to back and place on
another strip so as not to waste any thread.
When you have sewed all of the strips together,
then flatten them open with your fingers or in my
case the edge of my desk top.
Close them back up and measure.
Make a pencil mark and mark the rest of the strip.
Cut them on the pencil marks and re-open them.
Now I had a small piece of this burgundy and I decided
to cut it into strips and use it. I laid it out like I wanted
it to look.
Match up or sideways, it does not matter and take
it over to the sewing machine.
Continue to sew until one strip is finished. Replace
it to your table. NOW DO NOT GET CONFUSED
Cut the strip from the sewing machine and place
it back in the row where it belongs. Continue sewing
each row until the entire mini quilt is sewn together.

As you can see I was a little short because I had
intended for these little strips to go to the sides. If
you do not want side strips then  just add more blocks
till you finish the quilt for the size you so desire. 
All of these mini strip quilts have imperfections.
That is what gives them their charm.
Thank you for visiting me!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hello Everyone, hope you are
I had to go back to the doctor for a 3rd time for more
medicine. needed to get this stuff out of
my chest. Finally something is
is working. Prednisone. He only gave it
to me for about 4 days. Hopefully that is
all that I need.  I have never been on so much
medicine in my entire life!
Thank you all for participating is the
giveaways. It is my intention that all should
win as long as they leave a comment and are
on the followers list. I just do not know which
one you will win at which giveaway! If you have
won a fabric giveaway already and I draw your
name again, then I discard it and draw again from
the shaker. After everyone has won then I will
start the names over again if I need to, so you
could win a second time if you have entered all
of the giveaways!!
Sorry that I am late.

SUSAN, I need your full name and address
so I can mail it out to you!
Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers!
Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I hope all is well in blog land
and no one is getting that
awful bug that has been
going around the world. I still have
some of that cough but it is not nearly
as bad as it was.
I will post my giveaway next week for
all of you that are anxiously waiting.
I am sorry - it could not be helped.
This week I must talk about the lovely gowns
on Felma's giveaway that I won!
Thank you so much. I will treasure them!
Felma did an outstanding job. Every gown that she
makes is a work of art! She is truly blessed with talent!
The manikin and lovely gown are just temporarily
housed at Daisy's apartment. Although she would
like to keep them - she cannot. Poor Daisy!
They must go into a Bridal/Dress shop.
I wanted to show you 2 close-up pixs of the gown on
the manikin. Felma has placed little glass stones in the
choker necklace to simulate diamonds. I was able to
see them because they twinkled.

 Here is a picture showing a front view.
 Here is a side view.
I feel so lucky to have won this giveaway.
Thanks again Felma!
Thank you for stopping by!
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Mini hugs and kisses to you.