Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hello Everybody.
Hope all is well you.
I hope all of your wishes and prayers
get answered.
I would have posted sooner but I had surgery and
a liver biopsy. Boy that hurts! Do not let anyone tell
you any differently.
This has been a bad year - hope next year is better!
I made a nightgown with a witch hat, so I hope
you like this tutorial that I am posting. This was
supposed to be the tutorial right after Halloween,
sorry it has taken me so long to present it to you.
This is not your regular tutorial so you must bear
with me.
I forgot to take a picture of the actual glove that I
used, so I have used a picture from the net to give
you an idea of what the glove looked like that I
Also I forgot to take many pics because I was not
sure that what I wanted to make would even work.
But it did!!
I would have made another one, but I only had this
one glove. It belonged to my daughter so this is
special to me.
So here goes!!
My lace glove was an old glove that had a thumb in it.
If you do not want a witch hat then use a glove that
does not have a thumb. Also make sure that the lace
glove is not that long. Be sure to measure the glove
and make sure it is not too long.
This is a navy blue fingerless glove.
What you want
and need for my tutorial is a lace glove that has a
thumb in it to make
the nightgown with witch hat.
This is what the set looks like.
Here is the nightgown alone.
Here is the witch hat alone.
The lace I used was a small
lace, but not to skinny. Use
what you like.
Look at the lace glove that you have.
See, from the finger to the end of the
thumb, cut that section off cause that
is the witch hat. Set that piece aside.
The rest of the lace glove is easy to
finish. Be sure to turn the glove
to the inside and Just sew up that seam.
Turn it right side out and there is your
nightgown with a small seam.
I used tiny black ribbon for the straps
and also for the belt. Just sew or glue
the belt and straps in place.
 The nightgown could be
strapless if you want it to be displayed
on a bed.
Sorry about this pic, I cannot figure out how to turn
Here I show you the thumb piece that I cut off. If your
piece that you cut off does not have a seam in it, then
just sew a seam starting at the top and sew down to
the end of the lace. Anyway, you have the idea.
I was lucky that this particular glove had a seam already.
If it does not have a seam, then sew one like this.
Then sew the top closed. I always hand stitch with
quilting thread cause it is stronger.
When you finish turn it to the right side. The
shape of the hat should be similar to mine.
Take a piece of lace and measure it around the
base of the hat and double the measurement if
you want it really ruffled, if not then do as you
feel. Anyway ruffle it and knot the thread off.
Sew the lace to the outside of the hat.
Thank you for visiting me!!