Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I would like to thank all of you
that are looking at my blog
and following me,
especially all of those that
are leaving me some sweet,
kind comments. I wish that
I could reply to your comments
but blogger will not let me do
that. Aint that a bummer!!
Have still been sick off and on,
so please forgive me for not
visiting your blogs. I mean well.
Anyway I wanted to show you
more of what has been done on
my Van Buren dollhouse.
Painting on the outside. This could make
anyone sick when you have to keep painting
and painting to get it white from where the
wood is dried out!!! So the windows
and the railings and the doors are very white. Those
red chimneys are going to change colors right
before your eyes in this post!! Hahaha
 This is the very top. Remember there was an ugly
door here. Well that is gone!! This is going to be a
skylight! And the deck will be painted a bright white.
I do not know what I will do with this area so if you
have some ideas - I sure could use some!
 Here is another skylight cut out. This area is where
the stairs where located at. Another skylight on the
right side - do you see that one?
 This is the skylight almost in front of the stairs and
is certainly in front of the bathroom door. My hubby
is doing some work adjusting the fit. On this pic
you can see where some of the wood split. I will
have to fix that.
 Here is the other skylight.
 I sure am liking these skylights!! You can see clear
to the other side and this is exactly what I wanted.
I will be able to look from one bedroom down the
little hall to the other bedroom. Aint that neat!!
Also I have cleaned up the mess.
 Here is what the outside looks like with a couple of
the windows fitted in. They are not permanently
fixed in yet. As you can see I have stuccoed the
exterior and made a mess. It is on the windows
and doors and I got scared!
I found stuccoe to be a little messy but so easy
to clean up. With just a little bit of water on a paper
towel removed the excess stuccoe. So do not be afraid
of using stuccoe.
 Before I started cleaning any of the mess up. I got
to thinking about the front. I put more stuccoe on the
window frames. I kind of liked that. I also tried to
get rid of that ridge beneath the top floor window
and the second floor window. Also you will see
where some of the stuccoe is clumped together.
Since this is a LARGE dollhouse I think it looks
good. At least I am happy with it. To me it looks
like the house is old and some of the stuccoe is
falling off. I liked that effect even if it was accidental.
Also I want to say that I mixed a lot of white paint
in with the stuccoe to lighten it. I did not want the
stuccoe so dark to where it just looked like mud.
I was not trying to achieve perfection on this dollhouse.
I am just having fun.
 This area does not look bad at all. The balcony is
a bright white as is the doors. More clump around
the windows to hide the moldings.
 This is my Van Buren dollhouse nearly completed.
My pics are probably not that good because in my
Kitchen I get a tremendous amount of light. So it is
hard to take pics here in this area.
 I wanted you to see if you could see this picture
better with how the stuccoe is clumped up.
Remember this is a large dollhouse so to
stuccoe it very daintily to me would not look
right.  Also see the chimney! Both of them took
me 3 days just to stuccoe them. My hubby and
I had to keep turning the dollhouse over and
over so the stuccoe would not fall off of
the chimneys until it stuck.
The last thing to do is the roof. And
that is coming next!!! It will be thatched.
I wish you all well and to spend a lovely
evening with the one that you love.
Thank you for visiting me!
Many hugs and kisses,