Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apartment Samantha - MOVING IN WITH RED SOFA SET!

Yep, Sam is moving in her apartment
She is unpacking boxes and
the movers have been moving her
furniture in.
Christmas stuff. It is clear that she forgot
to mark what was in this box.

She has been working hard this morning.
Time to stop to fix her hair.
No time to organize her little cabinet.
She will have to fix it later.

The movers put the doors right where she asked
them to. 
They did not mind at all.

She has an eyelash in her eye. Must get it out fast!

She must tell the movers where to put the closet at.

 The movers wanted to know where the windows 
were at. Sam told them that they are supposed to be
put in today. 
Hopefully they come before dark sets.

The dining room set is inside now.
Movers said it was starting to rain outside.
I hope her furniture does not get wet.

Sam loves her apron! 
She must find a place to hang it.
Be sure to check out the tutorial!

Back of the apron.

The movers placed the dining set over here.
She might move it later.

Oooo some shabby chic!

They must move the closet before they bring in
the bed.

Oooo the movers placed the closet in the corner.
Getting ready for the bed to come.

The movers placed the sofa and chair at an angle
just to get it inside the room.

The movers brought in her bed, she signed
the papers and they left.
Sam had to pay $100.00, but the money was
well spent. 
Now, she has no money for groceries this
She fixed the bed really quick.
Now she is looking thru the box to make sure
that it contains all Christmas items.

Still the carpenters have not came to put the 
window up!
Where are they?

It is starting to get dark now.
There is still a lot of unpacking to do.
Sam is so happy!!

Sam's plan is to get as much as she can
put away before she goes to bed tonight. 
Sam wants as little as possible to do tomorrow.

Sam is so happy. There was a hook on the wall
to hang her apron!!

The table is closer to the kitchen.
That will work out very well.

Making headway!

She pushed and pushed the bed around until
it rested under the windows.

Time to work over here now.

Still hoping the carpenters come and put in
the windows!

Some things are going along very nicely.

 Sam still has more to put away and no time
She is so sleepy and tired.
Time for bed.
After all tomorrow is another day!
Thank you for stopping by!