Friday, October 7, 2011


I am still taking photos and with the help of
my daughter - I wanted to go ahead and post
this so you will be on the lookout for these
little witch dolls.
They sell for only $1.00 each.
Yep - thats right and they are the perfect
size as you can see! You put them in water
and they grow.
However, I will not be putting
her in the water!
Every little doll needs a witch doll - dont you think so!
The little doll that is showing the witch is not
Permelia's niece's.
I havent made those dolls
yet. I bought 2 of them so the little witches can
have a witch doll.
 Here is what the package looks like. These
little witch dolls are not heavy and you can
get them at A.C.Moore craft stores. 
Just don't put them in water!
They also have little skeletons that are the same
For the same price you can get skeletons.
You can definitely cut the skeleton up and use it for
parts. But remember if you put it in water it will grow
big - and when you take it out of the water it will
shrink again.
Now is the time to start ordering these online or go to
the store because very soon now stores will start putting
sales on all halloween stuff to get the stuff gone!
Halloween stuff sells quickly!
Can you believe that they are already putting Christmas
stuff out on the shelves!

Thanks for visiting me!
Many hugs and kisses

Monday, October 3, 2011


No Pics yet but they are coming!
I have to retake photos of Permelia's apartment
so just bear with me.
I have to try and make sure they are as clear
as possible and with these blurry eyes
thats next to impossible!