Monday, December 5, 2011

Apartment Elizabeth - Allie and Allison's Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Allie and Allison!!

And the invitations were sent out
weeks ago.
All of the little guests were
suppose to dress in costumes.
fancy dresses here except on Allie and Allison.
Little girls parties can be so cute.
Ally and Allison turn 5 years old.
They are
dressed in their best green dresses with matching
The party is still under construction
as you can see. 
Balloons filled with air dot the ceiling.
A few of the balloons have confetti glued to them
that says Happy Birthday!
So much more work is to be done - Oh where is
Aunt Melinda and aunt Brenda!

 As you can see a few of the balloons are already
Those balloons were duds and would not blow
up properly.
I used them anyway.
Not all balloons need to look the same.

 The Happy Birthday banner across the window is
the same confetti that is on the balloons.
The white
string is just embroidery floss.
It was easy to thread the floss thru the words.
The floss is held up at the
window corners with tacky wax.

 The little guests have arrived.
Allie has her
arm up greeting them as they came in. 
The first little lady to barrel inside is named Amanda.
She is dressed as Dorothy from
the 'Wizard of Oz' movie.
Amanda has waited impatiently for this party.
She is the
one with the white hair in case you havent seen the movie.
Amanda and the others can hardly
wait to play.

They are by-passing the main dining
table in favor of the play table.
Maybe those 2 want to sit there.

 The little lady that you can only see partway that is
dressed in brown.
Her name is Brandi.
Brandi is dressed up as the scarecrow
in the 'Wizard of Oz' movie.
She is so excited to be here!

 Here is the back of Brandi - do you see her tail.

The little lady behind Brandi is Kelly.
Kelly is a cute little pink fairy.
Kelly wears her Halloween costume.

 Close ups of Brandi and Kelly.

 The sweet little lady in the wedding dress is Jessica.
She is saying 'hello' to everyone.
Jessica was the last to arrive.

OOooo see baby May in her highchair!
No one is paying any attention to her.
Somebody's little brother is here and no one is
paying any attention to him either!

The little boys name is Hardy.
Trouble could be brewing here!

 Aunt Brenda has been working very hard to
get things started.
She is waiting for Melinda to arrive.
I wonder what is keeping her?
I hope she does not miss the party!
The tablecloth, plates and cake are already on
the table along with a few lollipops.
Only one glass of milk is there.
Surely there are more to come.

Lets just hope that Hardy does not get hold of it and
dump that milk all over the tablecloth.
So, the table is not completely set up yet.
The silverware isn't on the table yet.

 You might think that the cake is upside down - but it
isn't.. It is turned so the birthday girls can stand on the chairs
while they blow out the candles.

Oh my gosh - Aunt Brenda
hasn't put the candles on the cake yet!
Aunt Brenda sure is running behind.
The plates are printables from jennifers Printables
I ended up using a flowered wallpaper for
the plates.
After I cut the plates out - they looked so flat.
I bent them up on some of the sides.
Still I do not like how they turned out.
I guess that I need to work harder with those.
 I do have some ideas of how to change it.
But that will be a future project.

 A close up of the Birthday Cake.
It is chocolate on the inside with white Vanilla frosting.
Aunt Brenda made the cake.

 This pic shows a country style apron just right for
Elizabeth's apartment.
It was bought at a yard sale that some lady was
It works well in this space.
You can see the top of the little
dollhouse of where I
sandpapered the top of it - long, long ago.

Hanging on the little closet is a pink pajama and a
pink dress.
These are May's clothes. 
Hanks pampers set on top.

 Allison stands over by the bunk-beds.
Ally stands in front of Aunt Brenda.
The girls
are so happy that everyone showed up for their party.
Aunt Melinda is collecting the presents.
Must be why she is late!
Elizabeth does not feel very well and Hank is still fussy.
He must be teething.
Thank goodness
that her twin sisters Melinda and Brenda will be
giving her a hand with things.

 A couple of extra chairs - actually they are small
children's rocking chairs.
Just waiting for some child to sit on them.

 A closer look at Aunt Melinda.
She looks like she is having fun - doesn't she.
I really do like these vinyl dolls.
They twist and turn, their legs move, their heads
I think they are better than my porcelain dolls.
Aunt Melinda thinks to herself -
Oh my where am I going to put those presents?

 Aunt Brenda is still not here yet.
The tablecloth is pink tissue paper that I cut to size.
Underneath, it I cut a piece of white cardboard
so it would not look so dark under the pink. 
A string from one of the balloons is hanging down.

 Here is the little table where some of the little
ladies are going to eat.
Of course Pinky the bear
already has her spot picked out.
The 4th chair to the little table set broke.
It is now a stool.

 This picture might be a little blurry - but it is here
for you to be able to see the inside of the little dollhouse.
See the christmas tree on the bottom floor.
So cute!!

Finally Aunt Brenda made it!
Right now she is stressing out.
The cute little blond haired child is dressed
in purple as a movie star.
See her pretty pink lipstick. Her name is
Marge Damon.

She is hoping that someone will see
her resemblance to the actress 'Kate Winslet' - one of
her favorite actresses of the movie Titanic.
Marge wants to be in the movies too!
The butcher block had to be moved into the bedroom.
There simply just was not enough room.
Oh my - there are some tumblers in the sink that need
 Aunt Brenda is stressing out now. Still more
work to be done.
As you can see - Melinda and Brenda
are identical twins.
However they do not always dress or wear their hair the same.
But they are always
there to help their older sister Elizabeth.
I think
Elizabeth is a lucky woman to have such good sisters!

 Time to get the milk out and fill up some glasses.
Aunt Brenda is hard at work!
Hope you like the party. Come join in.
Thanks for visiting me!
Come back soon.