Sunday, March 18, 2012

TUTORIAL - Make 2-layer Cake From Stamps!

Come on over for some CAKE!

I do not know why the middle of my cake
sank in like that.
Maybe I pierced it too hard with
a toothpick!
Hopefully by the end of this
posting I will have figured it out.
These are tiny RUBBER STAMPS.
Why do they call them rubber?
It is only because of the little piece on top, I guess.
The bottom half is foam.
The orange smiley face is not a stamp too??
Actually, I do not know what orange smiley face is.
But every once in a while
I come across these and I throw them away.
Now, that I have found a use for them - I
cannot find them anymore.
Go figure.
I do not know anything about rubber stamps.
I do not do that craft.
 Anyway, the tops of these stamps fell right off.
Maybe these stamps are old.
However, it made me 2 very nice round cakes!
They are perfectly round!
And they are just the right size!!
My intentions is cut out a slice of cake.

1st -  I drew a large X on the top of one of the stamps.
Cut out one of the pie shapes.
Then I placed the stamp with the X on it,
on top of the other one and drew
a slice.
Again, cut out the pie shape from the bottom
You should now have 2 pie shapes cut out.
 2nd -  I took the trusty toothpick and made holes
in each cake where I sliced off the pieces.
I saw that trick where they were
doing it to clay cakes. So thought I would try it.
This is to give it some texture.
Paint one stamp any color you like.
 3rd - For Icing.
piece of cardboard.
I know it doesn't look like it - but there is
a lot of glue here!
Mix in a little bit of white paint,
stir it really good with a toothpick.
You must let the glue set a little,
so it is not so runny.
Keep checking it and stirring it
with the toothpick.
The glue has to harden some
so it does not run off of the cake.
Once it has set - then frost your cake!
I painted one stamp chocolate and.
painted the pink stamp a deeper pink.
There is a lot of frosting between my cake layers.
The pecans on top are tiny pieces of cork.
The little stamps fit perfectly in the
little glass cake dish.
 Here is what the back of the cake looks like
in a mirror.
Not too bad!
I even put my leftover
glue frosting into a bowl with a spatula in it.
Oh, and do not forget to paint and frost the pie shapes
that you cut out.
Be sure to remember to put some
pecans on top!
Time to clean up the mess after Daisy licks
the spoon.
Thanks for stopping by!