Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hello Everyone! Thank you
so much for the lovely comments.
I am still so busy so I wanted to thank
you all so much for visiting me and
patiently waiting for me. So I thought
that I would give you another giveaway.
This Giveaway will end on the 19th
of August - one week before Giveaway #5
Fabric Bundle. Sign up for #5 if you have
not already done so.
Also the rules are the same as always.
You must be a follower and leave a comment
on the giveaway.
You can post on your website about this Giveaway
or not - the choice is yours! My mini blog will
not let me put up anyone's giveaways so I understand.
I went thru a miniature box and found that
my cute bed had broken its canopy. So I am
giving it away. Please note that the bed has never been
used so it is NEW. The original white cover is still great!
I did not want to paint the bed or strip it of its white
cover - just thought that I would let you decorate it
anyway that you wanted. So I decided to send along
to the winner a pretty pink linen
cover and a green crochet cover.  I do not have
time to sew it so I thought that you could.
The pink linen
is shirred and on the edges you see yellow. This is
FRAY-CHECK. I cut this pink linen bigger so
if you do not want the yellow to show then just
cut it off. But it will ravel so hem it quick or add
lace to finish it off. This is all the pink that I have
so I cannot give any extra material to make pillow
shams or dust ruffles to go with the bed. I have used
the excess of this fabric. But it is
such a pretty pink that anything will go with it.
The green crochet is very pretty. It is a soft green.
I have included enough fabric of the green to
make pillow shams and extra fabric for curtains
or whatever you want to make with it.

I hope you like it!
Many hugs and kisses to you all,