Thursday, March 21, 2013


Bundle #15
This is a pretty bundle! I love the bottom fabric. It
is a thin green flowered small corduroy. It is big enough
to make some pretty things out of it! The green leaf print
on top are 2 small pieces of fabric and a pair of sleeves.
Both items have some small green
rick-rack on the bottom of them. There is 1 or 2 yards of
red soft christmas ribbon. Also 2 yards of wide
fabric christmas ribbon. This ribbon can be cut lengthwise
into 2 pieces. Take a look at the last photo to see it
better. There is about 1 or 2 yards of small pink ribbon.
 All of this is very pretty!!!!
Good luck!


Bundle #14
The bottom is thin green striped fabric. I still have
plenty of this left for myself! I love the pink-black
striped fabric. It has a medium thickness. It is
perfect for a skirt and or a matching coat. There
should be enough of this fabric for you to make
both pieces of clothing. The wide lace is orange and
can be cut. You can cut the flowers out of it or not.
I think I cut 2 yards of this lace.
 Here I am trying to show you the design better. Hope
you can see it okay!
Good Luck!


Bundle #13
This lace is creamy and very pretty! The edge is
scalloped! The flowered print is small flowers and
would look lovely as a dress. Here is another sleeve
of halloween fabric. It is a pretty red and stretchy.
No need to hem it!!
 A close up of the lace fabric!
 A better view of the red flowered print!
Good Luck!


Bundle #12
The bottom fabric is a stretchy lacy fabric. It is
cream with a pinkish or greenish hue to it. It is
lovely! There is a very small piece of stripe for a
hat or a hatbox??
There is also a small piece of purplish red fabric to make
into pocketbooks! Should be enough there to make
at least 2 or more according on how big you make them.
There is a yard of blue lace. The red glittery fabric is for
 The halloween fabric is glittery as you can see.
It is thin and very pretty. This is a very pretty red!
This is one sleeve! You do not even have to hem this
 A close up of some of the fabrics.
 Also to show you a better view!
Good Luck!


Bundle #11
This could be a Baby Bundle! The thin blue striped
fabric will go perfect with the thin blue flannel.
There is 1 yard of lace here.
 The bear design is small enough to be used on a
baby's bedding! The lace is pretty and can be cut
in half lengthwise if you choose to do so. I still have
loads of this blue striped fabric left!
Good Luck!


Bundle #10
The bottom green stripe is thin. I had a lot of this
and still have some left for myself. The middle piece
of fabric is a cream color loose linen weave. Love this!
The top piece is a very pretty piece of off white color
lace attached to
a very matching interlining.  All of this is very pretty!
 This is a close up of the lace!
Good Luck!


Here is Bundle #9
The bottom fabric is a baby striped flannel. The pink]
dot you wil recognize as part of Permelia's dress. This
is just a small piece of the fabric. The big check is so
pretty and thin. It is still small enough to use as a
mini doll dress. There is about 1 or 2 yards of lace here.
 As you can see the lace is wide. You can cut the
flowers out of this strip or use it for something else.
Good Luck!


Hello Everyone!
This is Bundle #8
There is about 1 or 2 yards of lace here. I have been
cutting so much that I forget. The green striped fabric
is thin. It would be great for many things. The pretty
red-pink flowered print is very pretty. It is a small
Am sorry that I am not making any of this color
co-ordinated but when you have so much it is
really hard to put it all together.
Hope you like this set!


Hello Again!
Here is Bundle #4
The white fabric is a large piece and is the same
fabric as is in another giveaway. There is at least
a fat quarter here as well.
There is about 2 or 3 yards of the blue green lace.
The yellow lace is pretty. Cut it in half lengthwise
and you will double the amount of the lace especially
if you want to use this on some bedding. It is pretty!
Hope you like!
Good Luck,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Giveaway Bundle #7
The blue lace is so pretty about a yard or more of it.
The fabric underneath is pretty acetate fabric with
some pretty netting attached. There is more fabric
tucked under. Some is already hemmed. I have kept
for myself also a piece of this fabric. Isn't this pretty!
I hope you like it!

AROUND THE 20th TO THE 25th.
Good luck!


Giveaway Bundle #6
This is a beautiful BIG piece of pink (maybe satin).
Also is some white lace.
Hope you like!
Good Luck!


Hello Again!!
Here is Bundle #5
Here is another piece of that white fabric. Isn't it pretty!
Maybe about a yard of the pink lace. Perhaps a half
yard of the white lace. And some more of the pink
fabric. I forgot how much of this fabric is here.
Again I hope you like it!
Good Luck!


Hello again!
Here is Bundle #3
This looks like a small bundle but it is not. The bottom
piece of fabric is thin not holy and is big enough to
make bedding for your mini beds. The next item
is a pretty large napkin in an aqua color with beautiful
threads running thru it. The top yellow fabric with the
lovely lace and beads on it is a pillowcase. So you can
use both sides of this pillowcase. It is very pretty!!
I hope you like!
Good Luck!


Hello Everyone!
Here is BUNDLE #2
The white fabric on the bottom is thin and is suitable
for sheets or thin nitewear. The pink fabric is so
pretty. You will love it. The top piece would make
a very nice robe or dress. There is enough to possibly
make both items.
 Here you can see the top fabric better!
I hope you like this!
Oh by the way I forgot to tell you that every month
one of these bundles will be given away starting with
the first bundle. 
Good Luck!


Hello Everyone! Thank you
for your comments!!
Kim - the apartment building
is 20 inches wide X 20 inches
deep. Each floor is 8.5 inches high.
That is not including the
boards for each floor. I added another inch for
the outside frame and the inside
floors. This made the building about
201/2 X 201/2. This apartment building
was planned back around
Christmas time. At that time I knew
exactly what I was going to put into
each apartment. Which was going
to be one-bedroom apartments.
After playing around with each
apartment I have found that I can make
2 and 3 bedrooms in each apartment
except for 2 apartments. One apartment is the
first floor since there is
a main door and then another door to go into the
first floor apartment. The other 1 bedroom
apartment is on the 5th floor. That bedroom is
big so it can hold 2 cribs for a set of triplets.
Yes, as you can see I have been planning and
playing with these apartments for over a week
Now for the Giveaways!!
This is a new type of a giveaway!
Every year I give away fabrics, laces
and numerous other crafty things that I do not use
or my intentions for that item changed. I just
give them to anyone that wants them.
Believe me there are plenty of people that
take what I give them!!
So this year I thought that since some of
you might be having problems getting fabrics
laces and things - that I would see if these items would
go over well for the giveaways. In many cases they
are already washed and have hems on them. Less
work to do eh!
Many of these fabrics are very pretty. Some of the
fabrics and laces are a half yard or more going up to
2 yards! There is not anything here that is ugly!
I have so much fabrics to get rid of! I hope you like.
I will try to describe each bundle to you.
Now for the rules SO PLEASE READ THESE!
It is up to you if you link these giveaways to your blogs.
(Gee I wish my blog would let me do that).
Also there are going to be MANY, MANY GIVEAWAYS
coming your way so YOU CAN COMMENT ON ALL OF
THEM IF YOU WANT. HOWEVER I have always been
a fair person so to be fair on these giveaways - - if
you win on one giveaway you will not win on another
one.  In other words you can only win on one giveaway!
This way hopefully everyone can have a chance.
Every day I will be posting new giveaways!!!!
Now for the first giveaway BUNDLE #1.
The white fabric is very pretty! It has a stitched
design on it. Perhaps you can see that on the
last picture. The blue fabric is 2 pieces and has a
navy blue stripe at the bottom which I am sorry
but I forgot to snap the pic. The red  netting is new
and still in its little package where I bought it from
JoAnn's fabrics. It is 7. 8ths of a yard.
The white fabric is at least a fat quarter or more of
The tiny blue flowers are so pretty. This was a bigger piece
in which I have given you half and I have kept the other half.
Tonight I will be posting about 8 more giveaways.
Gee I hope you all like this new thing that I am
If you do not like any of this please let me know so
I can delete all of these giveaway postings!!
Thank you for visiting me!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Hello Everyone!
Thank you for the lovely comments.
I also have problems with 
my blogs.
There are some things that
my blogger will not let me do.
I also have problems putting links on my
But I guess I cannot have it all.
Anyway I would like to thank all of you
for being my followers and putting up with
Allergy season approached early this
year so it is playing its toll on me already!
Giveaways are coming really soon!
As you can see I have been busy!!
My husbands work friend BILL KING built me
a 6 story apartment building!!
Each floor is
8.5 inches tall making each apartment about
200 square inches which in the real world is 200 square feet.
With the scale of 1 to 1 ratio.
That is still a little apartment.
I painted the outside
a nice light to medium brown color.
Everything inside is white.
However, I will
be painting some of the rooms colors and
maybe just a little bit of wallpaper, but not
But I really have to wait and see 
how each apartment talks to me.
Anything with me is subject to change!!

There will be a lot of apartments in this
The front door is on the bottom
floor on the window side but I am sorry
that I did not take a picture of that.
You will see it later when the windows
are painted and glued in.
Eventually you will see the front
door as I am always backwards.
I like to fix up the apartments and
then decorate!

My goal is to make each layout
differently in the apartments
I hope for each apartment
to hold a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom
and living area.
I hope I can achieve it!!

 My hubby cut out all of the small and large windows.
The big windows on the right side
of the building will have
big bay-windows that
will let you see much of what will be inside.
I will have to design rooms around those.

 The back of each apartment will be windowless. 
The front doors and 'PRETEND' stairs
will go back here.
I have to use every bit of space that I can
so stairs is not an option for this building.

The large front door is not yet
attached to the building.
I will put that on last.
However I am undecided if I should
put windows on this door
or leave it windowless??

Each of these apartments are going to
be crammed full of furniture and of
course the tenants belongings!
This building will be called my
because there is not much square footage.
Real estate is at a premium here!

BUILDING!!!  I will treasure it always!!

Thank you for visiting me!