Saturday, August 9, 2014

Apartment #9 - Rachel's Apartment - wallpapered and floored

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are having
a great weekend. It has been raining here and it
makes me feel great!!!
The rain beats all of that wheat and other stuff
down onto the ground to where it is not
flying around.
I want to tell all of my new followers - WELCOME!
And to all of you sweet followers that comment
on my blog - a big Thank You!
I do plan on having some more giveaways - I just
have to find one to do.
Anyway - I have started on Apartment #7. Here
is what has been done so far.
The wallpaper is called Sonata - in pink. It is a
beautiful wallpaper. I am getting ready to start painting
the door today.
This is the back wall of the apartment.
See that large window section that has been cut out
It is a bay window that I have been working on.
I hope that the bay window looks good.
Oops I must
fix that wallpaper above it.
The floor paper is still wet. When it dries - it will
look much better and hopefully the bubbles will be
Thank you for visiting me!