Monday, April 17, 2017

Apartment #6 - Granny's Sewing Aptmt - Flooring Done!

Hello Everyone!
I bet you thought I forgot you!

How have you all been? Did you
have a nice Easter!
The flooring and the window is the
last things that I pick out before I start
posting everything. I strive to make each
apartment with different layouts.
Here the paper flooring was just glued down.

The flooring is still drying, but I got anxious!
You can see where the kitchen is going!
I still have to look for the rest of the pink china to
go on the shelves. I need something on top of the
refrigerator. It looks so bare there.
I still have not picked out curtains yet and there
are still some other things that I cannot make my
mind up. But I do know where most of the furniture
is being placed.
Hopefully only a couple more weeks left!
I hope you have enjoyed what you see.
Thank you for visiting me!