Friday, August 9, 2019

'New doll' by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everybody!
Hope you all are well!

I have been showing you Lesley's creations
cause I cannot get in the room to work on
my Penthouse.
We have been painting all the rooms in our house
and everywhere you look there is a mess!!
Anyway we are slow and I cannot get to my
apartment buildings.
I can only hope that we can hurry along because
I am anxious to get in there and fix up the Penthouse!
So, in the meantime I will buy the accessories and
furniture that I need to go in there 
and post Lesleys' creations until we can finish up!
Thank you for understanding!

Anyway I love Lesley's roomboxes and hope that you
enjoy seeing them and that you gain some more
ideas from them.

The lovely doll you see here is Lesley's new doll.
She is displayed here just for a little while until Lesley
decides in what kind of a scene she wants to put her in.

She is a lovely, lovely doll that Lesley bought at the miniature
No need for words with this scene!

Thank you for stopping by!