Thursday, February 3, 2011


I made these tiny miniature sandals
from a  Miniature Dollhouse
book that was in the library.
That was back in the latter part of the 80s!
I cannot remember the name
of the book.
One day I hope to find the book again,
and make a few more pairs
from this shoe pattern.

I made these out of leather.
These sandals were glued together
via the directions.
I am surprised that they glued properly
cause glue and leather for me
do not mix.
I found it hard to glue together.
Frankly its surprising that
they are still holding up seeing that they
have spent many years in my
The little sandals should be falling
apart - but somehow they are still stuck
I must have done a better job
with gluing than I realized.

Only the little buckles have
tarnished - but that is what gives them

These sandals were the first pair of
shoes that I had ever made.
I hope it will not be the last!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

APARTMENT PENTHOUSE #2 - Bernice has moved things around!

Hello Everyone!

I keep changing things around, don't I.
Well, I just cannot help it.
To me, something is missing.
Just do not know what?
Let's see - I took out the wicker chaise and
replaced it with furniture.
I kept the rug.

The blue sofa set is very pretty and looks
good in the space.
However, it is a little heavy.
You cannot see thru it.

I also changed out breakfast tables.
Do not know yet how I feel about this set.
I placed a candelabra and a
coffee cup on a saucer on top.

Bernice is basically just staring out of the window.
Nothing to do, but rest, at least for now.

Oooo, one of the nice movers gave Bernice a bulldog!
His name is Max.
Does he hear someone coming up the stairs?

Bernice is still in her wedding gown.
She has not gone out of her apartment yet.
Maybe Max needs to go out?

 I keep moving the wicker dividing screen around

Max will not leave the door.
So roomy!

I moved the wicker screen over here.
Nah! does not look good here.

Am looking thru a window beside the vanity.
Looks so spacious.
I like that.

I love how the chairs look by the windows.

Even lots of room from the vanity to
the bed.
Maybe it is too roomy, perhaps I need
more furniture!!

Perhaps Bernice's chair is too close to the sink

Wicker screen moved just a tad over.

Looking in thru the window again.
The screen hides the bed area somewhat.
Not a bad arrangement though.
Max is still at the door!

Another peek in thru a different window.
Love the piano.

Apartment does look a little bare.

Bernice still sits and stares out of the window
wondering if she did the right thing.

Stop dwelling on it Bernice!

It has turned evening and she is still sitting
there thinking.

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