Friday, June 27, 2014

Apartment #12 - Diana's Screen divider and toilet area

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for
your sweet comments on my last posting.
I hope to finish this apartment soon.
We have had rain - YIPPEE!!!
I am so pleased at how this apartment
is coming along. The bay window gets
put in this week and so does all of the
You might remember this screen divider.
It used to be in Samantha's apartment.
Remember these were a set of doors.
On the other side I put up some lace
that matches the curtains. Some privacy
will be needed here.
I wanted to show you the little sink that will be
going into the apartment. My daughter Pep made the
tiny bar of soap and the faucet. Looks really shabby!
This is the little toilet that will go into the apartment.
It is going to be hidden by this screen.
I hope you enjoy these photo's.
Take care and Thank you for
visiting me!