Sunday, September 1, 2019

'Lovely table scene' by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for the sweet comments.
They are greatly appreciated.

Hope you all are well and 
making miniatures!!

Many are taking vacations - but not me!
Some are making mini's!

Another cute little scene of Lesley's.
Hope you like it.

This is the back of the room box. 
Be sure to read where she got it from.
You never know if you can find one of them!!

This is the front of the little scene.

This is what I wanted you to see. 
See how the lid lifts up.
Lesley said this was what 'cabbage patch' dolls
came in.
Am not sure which cabbage patch had her 
accommodations in one of these - but these
are awesome!!! 
I would love to find one of these! 

She was smart enough and had a great eye 
to see a room box out of one of this plastic thing's!

A very nice painting!!
It sets the scene.

Look at the lovely objects on this table.
I completely missed the object behind the large
vase of flowers.
Lovely eagle and birds!

Just simple table legs underneath the cotton

Sweet little kitty!

Hope you enjoyed this sweet little scene.
Thank you for stopping by!