Thursday, June 16, 2011


Whenever you remodel anything - everything gets
She painted the outside white.
Got paint on the door and the roof!
Both will need painting!

Not sure if I want to brick it or stone it. 

This is a project that both of us are doing
 Brieby and her brother Cohen are in Honolulu.
They will not be back
until August - so I am not sure of how
much I will get done before she gets back.
 Originally, she decided that on the first floor she was
going to leave the wallpaper there that
was surrounding the door.
Since she left I have been inspecting her
paint job.
Not bad until you look at the top of the wallpaper.
The stairs are gone.
They will go to another project.

I made a floor from craft sticks and painted it white.
 I have fixed the second floor where the stairs were
I am hoping with a coat of paint that it
will hide where I fixed it.
 The top floor will also need a new floor.
Maybe it needs carpet?
 It is going to be hard trying to fit furniture on the
top floor.
The cottage isn't very wide.
Furniture is
going to have to be less than 1/12th.
Brieby is wanting
on this floor - a bed, nightstands, armoire and maybe
a bathroom!
That's one tall order!

 See the top of the wallpaper where the paint dripped!
In this room she is wanting a kitchen, a breakfast
area and a living area. 
I guess I will try to make it all fit if I can!

 Just a view inside of a windowless door.
Am hoping that
its going to look so cute when finished.

Maybe that bare wall to the left needs
a window.
I will think about that.
 I am trying some small beds up there.
I cant decide which color to use.
The little black bed fits nicely in this space
as it is tall and short.
And Brie likes the black color.
The white bed is a little longer
in length.
The thing about these 2 beds is that both of
them are half the size of the beds that are in my apartment
And look at how big they look in this small space. 
They fill up the space.
No room to put anything else in!

I still have more work to do before she gets back.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


How much dumber can I get...

It didn't dawn on me that the mirror
opened up!
I have never seen this toy before.

 Look at the cute stuff inside. 
I looked up F-P.
Silly me it is Fisher Price.
They have one like this on
e-bay and it sells for a reduced price of
I love it when I get something
at a great price!
Thanks for stopping be again!