Monday, June 25, 2012

CLOTHES - A Shabby Chic Closet With Nightgown And Robe

The intended use for this little
cabinet when bought new was as
a food pantry.
The bottom 2 pics show what the pantry
used to look like.
This is what it is now.
I have been working on this for several months
among other things.
I hope that you
like what I have done.
First I tore out the shelves.
That took some doing!
You can actually
see the lines where I took them out at.
I left it like that cause
I like the character that it gives.
When you have a hard time
seeing, then mistakes comes very
easy and are hard to fix once you make them.
Anyway I had seen on blogs where some
very talented ladies had made
some Faux Drawers.
That sure did intrigue me when I
was looking at this pantry.
Sorry, that I cannot
remember what the name of those blogs were.
Anyway the bottom shelf is a small faux drawer.
The bottom shelf is made from balsa wood.
I took off the red knobs and dug out
little holes from the new drawer
and glued them in.
Afterwards I gave the entire cabinet a white
washed effect.
If some areas did not have paint
on it then I did not worry about it.
 The pretty pink hi-heels are actually
They came from Claire's boutique
and were very cheap.
I could not resist buying 2 pairs of them.
 The little blue dress was a small
Barbie doll dress that was the perfect
size for a small miniature dress.
A little bit of
gathering around the waist makes it fit
the small doll.
This dress is the only
thing on the closet that has bold color.
I am hoping that you can see in this picture
what I lined the doors with.
It is merely white bridal tulle.
The tulle is soft and not scratchy.
About 15 years ago I made the little hat out of
yellow felt.
It has pink ribbon glued around the brim
with the same ribbon for the ties.
The hat sits on top of the closet nonchalantly.
 The little yellow book is titled Gone with the Wind.
It stands in there nicely.
The bathing suit was just an afterthought to display it.
The white robe and matching nightgown, I made from
a very thin almost worn piece of cotton.
I do not
know if you can see it or not but there are gathers
going around her waist.
I added a little loop on the robe
for hanging.
I generally make all of my clothes to fit my dolls.
So that is why they are a little long.
 This pic shows the bottom half of the robe and
the nightgown.
The drawer shows up better in this pic also.
 I wanted you to see what I used to hang the robe on.
I took 2 jewelry pins and glued them down on both
sides of the closet to hold clothes.
Remember now what this little food pantry
looked like.
It used to be in widow Sarah's apartment.
And by the way widow Sarah does not own
this closet anymore.
In fact a new tenant named Amanda Grace
occupies the space.
I hope to show you that apartment soon.
 Here is the inside of the food pantry.
All of the
items were glued down to the shelves.
I had no
other choice but to rip them all out.
Apparently I like to tear up things!
Hope you have enjoyed my shabby chic closet.
It was destined to have a new life!
Thanks for stopping by!