Friday, October 12, 2018

'HALLOWEEN ROOM BOX #1' - by Lesley Jacoby

Hello Everybody.
Hope all is well.
Thank you for the sweet comments!!
They are greatly appreciated and do
make me smile, which isn't very often
these days.

I thought that you would like to see a Halloween
Room box owned by Lesley.
Lesley only lives about 15 minutes from me.
She has some lovely miniatures that I
want to start showing you.

And since it is the month of Halloween, I
thought that I would start with this one!
I love that this room-box is in the shape
of a house.
No door but easily could be glued to the
back wall.
Be sure to zoom in so you can see the
sweet items in the front.
The little Ethel Hicks witch dressed in
orange is adorable!
Love the pumpkins!

Hope you can see this okay.
I tried many times to get a better pic
but was unable to.
But you still can see some features.
Love the mirror hanging in the back.

See the sweet witch shoes beside the
witch's cape and broom stand.
Love the broom too!
Perhaps this witch has wine stored in that 
favorite orange jug!

Love the doll that sits in the chair too.
Cute, cute, cute.

I could not forget the side so you
could see the chair better and the items
that are sitting beside the chair.
So adorable!!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing
something fresh and exciting and starts
your creative juices flowing!
Thank you for visiting me!