Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Apartment Samantha - Do you need a room divider?

Well, I have finally gotten around to
making the room divider.
 However it was only out of
necessity that prompted me to make it.
Samantha was running out of room
of where to hang her clothes.
It sure is funny to think how your dolls
can outgrow their apartment or dollhouse!
Remember the 2 French doors that were
in Samantha's apartment behind the
nightstand. Yea I have carried these
French doors everywhere for the past 15
years or so just waiting to use them.
The frame that was around them broke all
to bits just leaving the doors. 
The hoarder
that I am will not let me dispose of them.
Leftover doors from broken frames would work
well also as a room divider or a headboard.
It is really easy to do.
How you finish it is entirely up to you.

 Most dividers are 3 or 4 fold but 2 will work. 
It will turn out great.

 I had bought hinges sometime ago but I found them
too tedious to work with.
I had rather keep things simple if I can.
On this side of the divider I left the
colors as they were. I didn't even touch it up.
If paint would have dripped on it then I would have left it there.

 Take a good look at this pic.
It is pieces of white ribbon that is holding
the 2 doors together.
Using ribbon is not a new idea. I believe
that was published in a miniature
dollhouse book.
There are 6 pieces of
ribbon glued onto the sides holding it
together to keep it sturdy.
Once it dried I
painted the gray side in brown.
I left some white showing.

 I wasn't' necessarily going for a shabby chic
nor a beat-up look. Merely wanted it to look
like people just kept painting over existing colors.
Towards the top I added a shelf on each door with a
knob below it to hold clothes on hangers.
I forgot where I got the knobs at.
You know they really weren't knobs.
I think that they were ends cut off of something but for
the life of me I cannot remember what I cut them off of.

 This divider will stand behind the sofa.
The side where
you see the coat will be like a coat closet.
The side closest to
you will be to hang some clothes.
See I already have a
hanger there that I made. I
 like my hangers because the
clothes will not fall off that easy!
One thing about my hangers is - THEY ARE UGLY!!
The wire hangers idea
can be found on the internet but I have changed it
a little by bowing them in the center and curling them
up at the ends. 
I make the hangers small to large
according on what will hang on them.

 The shelf is coming in handy already. I
intend for the shelves to hold whatever
I can cram up there.
Maybe some necklaces
or a pair of shoes need to dangle from one
of the top corners of the divider.

 I do not know what life the little red
thingy was before I acquired it.
For me
it serves as a faux red stole.
something to do with Sam's hobby of
Mardi Gras stuff.

 I will not be leaving out the white side.
I will cram some stuff here as well. 
Right now I do
not have anything to cram there.

Here - the divider has been placed behind the sofa just
as I intended to put it.  
It looks good there - don't you think!
But soon I might end up removing something from her
apartment to make room for it in her bedroom. 
You never
know because my apartments keep changing.
And I like that.
Sam just finished hanging up her little black sexy dress.

I hope this inspires you to take a couple of
doors and make you a divider to hold clothes
or whatever you want to use it for.
Why not just use one door and put shelves on it
to hold kitchen or bathroom stuff. Then just prop it up on the
wall. This is what I have plans to do with the
little space beside Sam's stove. 
But first
I have to find a couple more lonely doors.
Anybody out there in blog land have some they
want to get rid of.
Am glad you stopped by to visit Sam!
Come again,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apartment Widow Sarah - Meet Widow Sarah and her daughter Hannah

These dolls were also made
by me in the 1990s.
These were also made by kits.
The kits only contained the
head, arms and legs.
Meet Widow Sarah and her daughter
Widow Sarah has some age on her.
Straight off the bat - you notice
the glue on the front of her scarf.
I believe that I had something there,
that possibly fell off.
Although I cannot remember what
that was now!
You can also see a little glue in
her silver upswept hair!
She is still pretty!
I made her busty and a little bit
of weight on her.
She is dressed in a blue knit dress.

More glue to be seen in her hair.

More glue in her hair.
Body not in great shape either.
Still more glue in her hair.
Needs changing.
Widow Sarah is supposed to be the normal
height as all my other dolls.
But she isn't.
The pipe cleaners were not wrapped so it
left her legs to dangle and made her shorter.
Needs fixing!

Widow Sarah's scarf has more glue on it.
And a spot is on her dress.
Needs new clothes!!
Hannah is the only daughter of Sarah
and Edward.
She watches over her Mother.
I never got around to making hair for Hannah.
I got very busy that year.
Her dress is still pretty and has not yellowed
at all.
I might re-use the gown when I make her over.
She is still pretty.
These little kits were very cheap,
but the faces they had were so
Under her skirt, she is not made very well.
This is the only doll I tried wrapping.
And I wrapped her in pantyhose!
I tried also to give her a stomach, but
that didn't work, as you can tell.
I did paint her shoes a mauvy pink to match
her dress.
She needs fixing.
Back of dress is still good, no glue spots
from the ribbons.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome - 2012

A brand new year - I hope everyone is ready for it.
Lets hope that this year is better than 2011.
Was your Christmas merry and your New Year happy.
I sure do hope that it was!
I have so much that I want to share with you.
But first I would like to Welcome my new followers
to Its a mini life.

1. Minimaker of My Small Obsession Miniatures.
2. Sherry Raines (I cannot find your blog. please email
me so I may visit you and become your follower).
3. Effie's Sweet Home Designs
4. Mari of Cuchianio Magico

If you havent visited them - you should. These
are some great blogs.
Also I would like to mention
to you that my remake blog is having a Linen
giveaway. You can find the link on the sidebar.
I will be posting in the next few days. As usual I am
having trouble deciding on what to post!
I am always adding new things and changing
existing items around.

Many hugs & kisses to you all.