Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apartment John Donovan or J.D. - Wallpapered and Floored

John Donovan is a writer.
He writes for a  newspaper and is
writing an article about the
French Quarter.
No telling how long he will live
here as he travels far and wide
Lives for his work.

John Donovan is the first tenant
in this apartment.
He likes the open layout. 
But certainly it lacks some amenities.
For instance: a bathroom.

The apartment has been wallpapered with
scrapbook paper.
The chocolate brown is construction paper.
The brick look floors is cloth.

Entrance into the apartment is thru one of these
French doors. 
Well, J.D. asked the landlady to remove the door
knobs so that he could use this space without
the fear of anyone opening his door onto
his table - or whatever was there.
She obliged and took them off.
The door is now permanently locked
until he moves out.
Also work needs to be done with molding
in between them.

 The little sink area and ice box used to be white.
I painted them a grey.
The picture makes them look blue to me.
Kitchen, dining area, seating area are on facing the 
French doors.
What a nice fireplace!

The tall brown rectangle against the wall is where
a mock foyer is for the outside door
that takes you up to the different floors.
No stairs - you must pretend that it is 
just an elevator on the other
side of that wall.

The area is not that bad really.
It is just enough space for a single person.

This area shows where the other door was
being fitted to go in that space.

The tall brown box shape is merely cardboard
painted brown.
It hides the main door that leads up to
the other floors.

The other side shows bedroom area and
whatever area you want it to be.

Here 3 windows are in.
Another needs to be fixed
and then these are finished.

This shows only 2 windows are in.
Almost done.
Thank you for stopping by.