Sunday, October 23, 2011


These are some extra photo's of Permelia's
apartment that were too cute to
just leave on my computer.
Some of them are a few close-ups.
This black cat is named Rah.
I would have named
him Egyptian but unfortunately I received the other
black cat first. 
Rah guards the front of the apartment always.

 This is the side view of Rah. He hasn't noticed
the little turtle yet. None of the cats can smell the
little turtle because of the turtle soup that is cooking
on top of the stove.

 I just had to show you a close-up of the little teeny
tiny white cat named Tequilla.  She always wants to
play. You can tell how small
she is compared to the other 2 small cats. 
Isn't she darling!

 I wanted you to see how realistic this magnet is.
In person it looks really authentic.
I made the wooden
salt and pepper shakers many moons ago.
The French bread is salt dough. It has some brown
paint on top to represent a little bit of crust.
And of
course it was cut before it hardened.

 I realize that in the other pics you couldn't
see this spider web all that good.
But it is there in those pics - in the corner.

 Just a better pic of the stockings on the bed. The bed
cover is an old cotton hankie. The pillowcases and the
little blanket at the end are made of a lightweight
linen dishcloth.
Both purple beds are dressed the same.

In prior photo's it was hard for you to see these 2 cats.
Can you see the cat named Guardian that is lying down
in the bookcase above the pink pocketbook.
That is his favorite spot.
The other cat has always sat on this windowsill.
In fact he was the first cat that ever inhabited this apartment.
He looks out at a butterfly.
This cats name is Buttermilk.
 In one of the other pics, I asked you if you could find
the other spider web.
Were you able to locate it?
other delicate spider web is located behind this bed
with the 2 candles.
Can you see it now?
Look at the top of the window!
The little spider and his web is so tiny.
They are made of plastic an they do not
move once you just put them on the window.
You have
to totally peel them up with your fingers.
Thank you for visiting me!
Please come again.