Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yes ladies and Gents - look at those
Barbie dollhouses.
Its well worth it!!!
 This one is still a little dirty.
I was in such a hurry to show you that I
forgot to include the nudity clause!
If you decide you want one of these
Barbie kitchenettes for your own
mini dollhouse - then expect to do
a lot of damage to do the dollhouse.
Make sure that you do not want
Barbie's house any longer, cause
you will have no choice but to rip
it up!!
I had to use a hammer and do a lot
of banging to get it out!
Most of everything else will pop out.
By the way she is 5.5 to
6 inches in height.
Take a look to where the counter hits
the top of her thigh!!
See the tab at the top of the kitchen unit,
no worries here, just break/cut it off!!!
 Here is the side view.
See the tab at the bottom of the kitchen
unit - towards the back. Those were
there for the kitchenette to stay in the
See the other tabs at the back of the kitchen.
See the long flat tab at the bottom.

The tabs at the bottom of the kitchenette were
easy to cut off.
Cut off the tab at the back also.

I was looking at the little seat.
  I wanted to save it and perhaps use it, 
but now I am unsure if it is going to be easy
to remove.
Perhaps I leave it , as it is molded to the floor.
I was looking at the bathroom also.
 The entire bathroom is one piece
and it slid out without any problems.
This is going to make one good bathroom.
There's a piece over at
the far right of the tub which
was probably where the sink was.
I guess the sink part is missing and that
is one reason whoever owned it,
disposed of the dollhouse.
I am hopin that I can create some type of sink to
go on top of the pedestal.
If not then I will see what I can use
and try cutting it out.
If this is the spot for the sink, it surely
does look stuffed in that spot.
Perhaps it wasn't a sink??

Also the toilet is missing its cover.
I am not sure if I will keep this bathroom.

If all else fails, then I will
look for another Barbie dollhouse if I
really want the bathroom, that is.

Thank you for visiting me!
Till next time,