Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After the 'wood heads', I found and bought
numerous little doll kits.
They were inexpensive when I bought them.
They are put together but some are not wrapped.
I made these dolls smaller.
A shrunken grandma with 2 grand daughters.
I did not do a good job wrapping them
with the cotton strips.
For one thin - I believe that my cotton was
too thick.
Another thing is - I did not know what I was doing.
4 female dolls was all that I had left to do.
Must have gotten tired.
Yep, that's what happened all right.
I am not a doll maker.

My male dolls did not fair very well either.
And my blonde hair, blonde mustache guy
doesn't even want his pic taken.
He turned his head when I clicked the camera!
One of my males was trying to imitate
'Rhett Butler'.
I painted both sides of his head trying to make
it blend it.
He needs more work I am afraid.

Thanks for stopping in!