Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Hello Everyone!!
I hope everyone out there has been

These are Annette's witches.
She sent me 3 of them to dress.
I hope she likes them.

Aren't these witches cool!!!
She made them from clay and wrapped them
in cheesecloth. She could have bought the
cheesecloth grey or dyed it, not sure.

All of the witches are the same, so I only
took one picture.
They wear Barbie high-heels.
She put some detail in these so I hope you 
likes them.
She still has to put dot the eyes and put
on their wigs.

I dressed the witches so I hoped she liked
I always use what I can find. 
I would like them tattered some with a little
But I did not want to do that,
in case she did not like it.

Love her face, her large eyes, her big fat nose
and that chin is something else!!!
Love how she wrapped them.

Look at those nose holes and her
Looking good!

A close up of her hands.

The witch's backside.

She looks good from the side too.

Some sexy legs and shoes for this witch!

A better look!

This is the first witch I dressed.
Here is the front of her.
I forgot to take a pic of her bloomers.

Back stitches will be covered up with hair.

Black lace sleeves.

On these first pics the color is a little off.

This is the true color of the dress.
The fabric was a little stretchy, which is good.
When I made these I could not find any black
to make a hat.
Sorry about that Annette.

Here is the 2nd witch.
She has a skirt and blouse. 
It is a pinky red with some purple
in it.
Her hat matches.

The back of her.

Her little leggings.

Here is the 3rd witch. 
I think she needs to be dirtied up.
She would be great in front of a sooty
Forgot her hat, sorry Annette.

Back of 3rd witch.

Here is her hanging slip.

Hope you liked her witches!

Thank you so much for stopping by!